New Recharge Electric Riding Mower Improvements for 2010

The 2010 Recharge Mower is now in stock! There is a new improvement that we hope will give customers even more satisfaction!  Below are also the answers to some frequently asked questions.

The improvement:

-The inclusion of a grass deflector, which allows the user to choose between the included grass catcher or the new and included grass deflector.  The grass deflect converts the unit into a rear discharge unit.  With the speed of the cutting blades at 3800 RPM the clippings are usually finely reduced.


What are the dimensions of the Recharge Mower?

-The unit with bumper installed is 48″ with a width of 28″ and a height of 32″

What is the weight?

-The net weight is 240 lbs and shipping weight is 295 lbs.

*Note that the Recharge Mower is only 28″ wide, meaning it can fit between narrow gates and openings in your lawn and garden!

Riding Recharge Mower


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