Compost Pail really absorbs odors, holds more

compost pail that absorbs odors and hold a lot!


This compost bucket looks simple, like it’s no big deal. But it really does hold more while absorbing the oder (key if you are going to take out the compost less). There are several stainless steel compost buckets out there…THIS is the one that really works. It’s odor filter works for around 6 months, but we have had several “green” customers write in to explain you can rinse and dry those filters to reuse…so we hope more people will buy less filters (yes you read that right) and try this method to re reuse them.


Many, many customers who have purchased our very cool looking counter top stainless steel compost pail have written to confirm that these filters really work.

Although this appears to be nothing more than an expensive stainless steel bucket, it is perfect for my kitchen scrap storage. The filter really does keep the odor from my kitchen. I find it can hold about a week’s worth of scraps (unless I get crazy cooking). The wide mouth allows me to put the vegie peels or coffee grounds in without touching anything inside or spilling it all over the counter. It’s easy to empty, and easy to clean. It looks nice on my countertop, unlike the plastic pail I had previously. – Anne

The fruit flies and smell of the previous compost bucket were causing my roommates to rebel against our continuing to compost at all. I bought this little pail, and the problems are solved. NO fruit flies (yay!) and there are times when we’ve had stuff in there for weeks that we’d forgotten about, brewing a truly nasty moldy mess, but still no smell (until we open the pail, of course). We’ve had it several months now and have not felt a need to change the filter yet; it still seems to be working fine. I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the self-discipline to take out composting scraps every day. – Rick

For years our garbage has gone into a 1 gallon plastic pitcher. No amount of washing could keep it socially acceptable. A new era began with the purchase of this wonderful little can. It’s very sturdy, the top fits securely but not tightly (can be opened with one hand every time) and you can’t smell a thing! Capacity is generous. I’m in love! – Jenny

This is a sturdy, attractive product that does exactly what you want it to do. Looks unobtrusive on the counter, holds the odors in just as advertised. Makes composting easy and mess free. -David

Yes, we’ve been using this for a long time now and it IS a five star product. Not because the filters are “reasonably priced and available”, but because I found you can wash the filters with dish soap, air dry. and they are good for weeks or months again! – Kim


This is a wonderful product. High quality and the odor filter is fabulous… I had onions and garlic in mine and asked my husband to guess what was inside and he said he couldn’t smell a thing. Perfect for collecting kitchen scraps without having to take them out to the compost pile daily. It’s attractive, light weight, a good capacity for weekly collections (you wouldn’t want to keep scraps in your kitchen much longer anyway), and well designed. I would definitely buy this again. -Kirk


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