Get Your Reel Mower Ready For Spring

Annual Maintenance: Each spring you should check the condition of your reel mower. If it has not been cleaned with WD-40 since your last use you should clean it. Spray the blades with WD-40 and wipe clean. Remove any dirt and grass clippings from bed-knife. Remove dirt from the wheels.

Safety Check: Check all the nuts and bolts on the machine. Tighten all so that connections are secure. Make sure handles are secure. If you have a Brill, NaturCut, or Fiskars Momentum, you’ll need to adjust the blades.

Blade Adjustment: Check the manual for your mower on how to adjust the blades. With the Brill and NaturCut mowers you were sent a gauge. The Fiskars adjusts without a gauge. Adjustment should be done each spring. Keep the gauge in a safe place.


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