A Composter Which Can Handle 5 Gallons Per Day

Composting history: We have been selling compost makers for many years. First there were composters made for one family. These were tumbling machines, turning machines, gravitational machines, and batch machines. All handled the amount of waste which one family produced.

2nd Generation: The next phase of compost makers seemed to focus on industrial needs such as schools, businesses, hospitals, etc. These composting machines were very large and very expensive. Small units cost in the $20,000 range and large ones in the $80,000 range.

3rd Generation: Now we see a new focus. This effort targets an in between group, let’s say a 10 family to 15 family output. Or you could say it would service the output of four or five classrooms. We have just made an agreement with a company which is marketing the Biolan 220 and the Biolan 550. Produced in Finland these composting units are new to the US. We will have the 220 and 550 on our site in the next few days. We are excited to add these composting machines as they allow us to enter a new market. The Biolan 550 easily handles 5 gallons of waste per day. It takes 6 weeks to begin producing compost. These composters are excellent in cold climates.


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