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Earth Day 2010: Help Protect Our Environment

There are so many ways make sure that the air is cleaner and the environment is healthier for generations to come and this effort starts at home.  Our website provides everyday garden tools and households items that can help reduce pollution and work towards our goal of a healthier planet.  Check out our gas-free mowers, composters, solar panels, trash compactors, and other items to make this earth day even more special!
We can help President Obama continue to improve the environment by watching this video:

NEW: Earthwise Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Looking to get out and do some yard work in the spring weather? The Earthwise Cordless Electric Chainsaw is the perfect powerful tool to help chop down those trees while remaining environmentally friendly (especially this close to earth day!).

The Chainsaw:

-Starts instantly with on-board oiling with window to gauge oil level

-Cordless design

-Operating handle (for both lefties and righties!)

-8 inch cutting bar

Technical Info:

-18 volt

-Oregon Bar and Chain

-Automatic Oiling of Motor

-Protective Blade Cover

-Rubber Over Molded Handle

Earthwise Electric Chainsaw

A Better Reel Mower for Taller People

NaturCut Ladder Style Handles: The NaturCut Classic HD and the NaturCut Ideal 40 both offer ladder style handles to which an extra handle section may be added. For folks over 6’2″ this can be important to mowing comfortably.

NaturCut Normal Handles: Normally the handles come with a bottom section which attaches to the mower, a middle section, and a top piece which has the raised foam handle. This completed handle comfortably works for folks 5′ to 6’2″. By adding another middle section, the handles comfortably work for folks 6’2″ to 7′. Adding another middle section to the handles is very easy to do.

Introducing the Biolan 220 and 550 Composting Units

Introduction to US Market: We are excited to introduce the Biolan 220 and 550 composting units to the US market. What makes these units unique is that they are designed for composting in the northern climates. Also the 550 breaks into a new category by servicing up to 15 people or several households.

Biolan Composters are efficient, thermally insulated composters for year-round composting of domestic organic waste.

  • Patented ventilation system supplies air directly to the middle of the compost mass, enhancing composting and diminishing the need to toss the compost.
  • The adjustable air vent and the compost thermometer facilitate monitoring and attending to the compost, especially in winter.
  • Use the bottom door of the Composter to remove mature compost and leave fresher mass to compost further.

Biolan Composter 220

  • Suitable for the organic waste of one family (2-6 people) or for composting the waste from a small garden
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • The shape of the cover returns the condensed moisture to the compost mass

Biolan Composter 550

  • Suitable for housing companies, institutions and shared use of several families (10-15 people)
  • Patented ventilation system
  • Dense structure keeps out harmful animals

TV Spot: Reel Mowers Pros and Cons

Just in time for spring mowing, here is a TV news spot on reel mowers. You can see the TV anchor use one for the first time, and talk about the pros and cons. This reviewer is using the Scotts Reel Mower, a 20″ reel.

Confused about all the reel mower options our there…here is a chart to compare all the major reel mower brands .

Inspiring Video: Ted Talk Chef on Revolutionary Fish Farm Model

Off topic, kind of, but really important: This  TED Talk 2010 by Dan Barber about fish, fish farming and sustainability is entertaining, and both takes and gives us hope! For everyone who loves fish but is worrying about environmental costs, this video is for you!

With impeccable research and deadpan humor, Dan Barber chronicles how he fell out of love with one type of ecologically questionable farmed fish and was impressed by new sustainable fish farming methods in Spain. Watch the talk, be amazed and then read more about Miguel Medialdea’s projects (“three parts Darwin, one part Crocodile Dundee”).