Introducing the Biolan 220 and 550 Composting Units

Introduction to US Market: We are excited to introduce the Biolan 220 and 550 composting units to the US market. What makes these units unique is that they are designed for composting in the northern climates. Also the 550 breaks into a new category by servicing up to 15 people or several households.

Biolan Composters are efficient, thermally insulated composters for year-round composting of domestic organic waste.

  • Patented ventilation system supplies air directly to the middle of the compost mass, enhancing composting and diminishing the need to toss the compost.
  • The adjustable air vent and the compost thermometer facilitate monitoring and attending to the compost, especially in winter.
  • Use the bottom door of the Composter to remove mature compost and leave fresher mass to compost further.

Biolan Composter 220

  • Suitable for the organic waste of one family (2-6 people) or for composting the waste from a small garden
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • The shape of the cover returns the condensed moisture to the compost mass

Biolan Composter 550

  • Suitable for housing companies, institutions and shared use of several families (10-15 people)
  • Patented ventilation system
  • Dense structure keeps out harmful animals

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