Small Electric Riding Mower has GREAT Product Support

Recharge Electric Riding Lawnmower

Recharge Electric Riding Mower:
The Recharge Mower, has been out for a year, and we just have to say, this company provides the most personal and timely support we have ever seen. One of the criteria for us to endorse and carry a product is great company service, and this very large product 😉 comes with huge support!

Recharge Mower Help:
If a Recharge Mower arrives, and you have any difficulty, help is an email away. Once we get that email  informing us of a product support need, you are called  usually within the hour of your request. That call can may even come from the president of the company who regularly monitors all feedback! Wow.  Recharge Mower want happy satisfied customers who will carry the message that if you need a riding mower, there are alternatives to gas!


Recommended Lawn Sizes :
So far the Recharge Mower is working really well on lawns up to 1 and 1/2 acres. And it easily handles grass up to 10″ high.

Great Customer Feedback  :
Here is a recent customer comment on this environmentally solid alternative to gas riding mower pollution!

I used to use a push mower to mow 3/4 acre because i did not want the hassle of maintaining a traditional riding lawn mower. After reviewing several different riding lawn mowers, I decided on the Recharge Mower. It was delivered within a week of placing my order. It came almost completely assembled and took only 15 minutes to attach the seat and steering wheel. The instructions and tools to install these items were also included. The mower is sooooooo simple to operate and makes cutting my lawn so much easier. In addition, I love the fact that it is completely maintenance free, makes very little noise, and good for the environment.


One response to “Small Electric Riding Mower has GREAT Product Support

  1. Why doesn’t the company post the complete warranty on their website? Not providing the complete warranty until after the mower is purchased raises red flags.

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