Finally, a High Quality Clothesline that Looks Great

highest quality clothesline

An easy way to lower your footprint:
We finally found a clothes line we like! Looks good enough that our neighbors won’t complain! The Australian manufactured Hills Clotheslines are now being sold by People Powered Machines. These very high quality clotheslines feature many options and sizes.

Better for your clothes, better for the earth:
Be good to your clothes and the earth at the same time. Static electricity and shrinkage are not issues when clothes are hung on a line vs. using a dryer. Clothing hung on a line lasts longer and smells fresher. And all that fuzz that collects in the dryer’s lint basket is actually your clothing breaking down thread by thread.

Highest quality, durable clothesline out there:
Largest hoist available. Specially designed for durability and strength. Main assembly is constructed of powder-coated galv. steel. Lines are sectioned individually for easy replacement. When not in use, can be folded umbrella-style or completely removed from ground socket (included). When raised, the Rotary 500 will spin in the breeze. With arms open and latched, the Rotary 500’s starting height is 5.6ft (3-2in spacers included for added height if desired). Hand crank allows for lines to be raised an additional 16in. The Rotary 500 holds the largest amount of clothes and linens, with a total line length of almost 184ft. (56m). Comes with a 10 year guarantee.


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