Reel Mower that Cuts Zoysia Grass Well

Silent Cut Reel Mower cuts Zoysia Grass

We are often asked which mowers cut Zoysia Grass well.
We are so pleased that this new mower is on the reel mowing scene- The Silent Cut 18 and Silent Cut 21 Reel Mowers do a fine job on Zoysia Grass (and Bermuda). Silent Cut mowers are made in China for an Amish company which maintains a high level of quality control over the product. They insist on it being made to their specifications, and they do open, inspect, adjust, sharpen and lubricate each one before shipping.

Two year warranty, U.S Based.
There is a two year warranty and parts will be available for a long time. I often point out to people that there is a big difference between a Chinese company coming over here, buying products and going back to make knock-offs, and an American company that contracts with Chinese factories for labor they cannot afford to pay for here.

Worried About the transition to reel mowing?
We have a great guide to help you transition your lawn properly to a reel mowing method. If you have any problems we are here to help.

Happy Spring!

David Temple


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