New to PPM: The Nature Zap Weed Killer!

Check out the new Nature Zap Weed Killer, providing a greener way to weed with no harsh chemicals.  The Nature Zap allows you to grow the plants you want and kill the weeds you don’t want.  The Nature Zap is also ideal for gardeners with back, knee, or joint pain because the long handle reduces strain on the body.

Benefits and Features:

-Treats weeds at root

-Reduces exposure to harmful chemicals

-Protects soil by eliminating risk or over-applying chemicals

-Eliminates risk of harmful chemicals reaching water systems

-Temperature-limiting PTC ceramic stone heating element

-Auto-off switch and 5-amp circuit breaker for safety

-Independently certified to UL safety standars

-Heavy-duty 18-guage tube for strength and long life

How it works:

-Uses thermogenic (heat) energy to stop normal plant functions and kill the weed at the root.

-All you do is place the Nature Zap over the weed you want to get rid of, push down, apply the heat.

-You apply 3 seconds of heat for smaller weeds and up to 8 seconds for larger ones.

-Works on any weed in your mulch bed and for spot treatment of weeds in your lawn

Nature Zap Weed Killer


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