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New Electric Riding Mower gets Great Customer Reviews

Hi all,

We are getting great feedback on our new 2010 Recharge Electric Riding Mower! Thought we would share this feedback with you here ::

I wanted to take a minute and expound upon my love for the Recharge Mower, a new green running lawnmower.

My family made the decision to become environmentally conscience about a year ago. It’s not always been the easiest thing but with a little research, we’ve had a lot of success. It was quite by accident that we stumbled across the Recharge Mower.

We’d made the decision to get a riding lawnmower due to some health issues and never really expected to come across anything green. Imagine our thrill when we found the Recharge Mower.

The Recharge Mower runs on battery power, so that means no motor. No motor, no emissions. The Recharge Mower runs for about 3 hours(that’s cutting time). In that time we can usually get our lawn done twice. The best part, it’s super cheap. For a full charge, our mower costs about 55 cents.

A green machine that’s cheap to run. Is there anything better?

2010 Recharge Electric Riding Mower

What’s Better? Feed your NYT to your Worms or Recycle?

Picture 39
The New York Times has been regularly publishing articles about composting. It seems there are a lot of hip people in NYC apartments feeding their NY Times to their worms! I too shred my Sunday times (the only day I get a paper delivered) and use that on top of my can-o-worms composter. I was feeling like that was the best solution until this article today: Urban Composting: A New Can of Worms.

I was Wrong: Better to Recycle that Paper::
In this article they state that it is better for the environment to recycle that paper than to compost it. They also reiterate the importance of not throwing food waste into the landfills ::

Composting does not have as big an environmental effect as recycling, Environmental Protection Agency figures show: recycling one ton of mixed paper is four times as effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as producing the same amount of compost.

But keeping food discards out of landfills does more than twice the good of keeping mixed paper out, E.P.A. officials said, because decomposing food that is buried and cut off from air releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas, at higher rates than paper. (The ventilation in composting prevents methane creation.)

I have always wondered this and am grateful to have an answer. Seems I’ll start using other forms of non-recyclable paper to lay on the top level of my wormery.

More info on the Brill Sharpening Kit

New information:

We have some more information about the new Brill sharpening kit that we left out of our post yesterday and that we would like to share with you! Firstly, the sharpening kit is made for the Brill Razorcut 38 and the Accu Razorcut 38.  However this does not mean the kit cannot be used on the Razorcut 33.  The sharpening kit can be adapted to the Razorcut 33 by taking a hack saw and cutting the sharpener from 15″ down to 13″. The sharpener can also be used on the previous Luxus model of the Brill.  Also, please note that when putting the sharpener on the mower you must hand tighten the screws to the tight position and make sure to not use a screw driver because it will break the sharpener.

Sharpening Kit for Brill Lawn Mowers

We have just ordered new sharpening kits made especially for the Brill Mower that customers will be able to purchase on our website later this week.  The sharpening kit comes with instructions and three sharpening pads. The kit will cost $39.99 with an extra $10.00 for shipping and handling.

How it works:

-Attach sharpening kit to the mower.

-Push the mower around the driveway for about 5 minutes

-Hand tighten the kit again and push the mower around for another 5 minutes

-Repeat these steps 2 or 3 more times to sharpen blades completely.

Sharpening Kit for Brill Mower

Brill Razorcut Mower

Add a Fan to your Excel NE model of the Sun-Mar Composting Toilet

New to PPM: There is now the option add a fan to your purchase of the Excel NE Sun-Mar composting toilet.  The fan costs $50 and can be powered by a solar panel, which costs $150.

The Excel NE:

The Excel design means that the three chamber unit can be specifically designed for those with no continuous 110 volt supply.  The Excel NE does not come with a fan or heater but the 12 volt fan should be installed if you need to install the toilet with any bends in the vent.

Quick Fix for Bolt Coming Loose on your NaturCut Mower

Sometimes you will notice that the bolt attached to the handle will come loose on your NaturCut mower. Below are the steps for what to do when this happens.

-first you’ll want to start off by taking the cotter pan off of the handle and then removing the handle from the bolt.

-Remove the hub cap.

-Take off the wheel clip (you will need a flat edged screw driver to do this).

-Remove the wheel.

-Use a phillips head screw driver and tighten the screw.

-Put on the wheel, wheel clip, and hub cap. (To put the hup cap on press the middle so it snaps back into place).

-Place handle back over the bold and put the cotter pin back on.

And voila, no more loose bolts!

NaturCut Ideal 40 Reel Mower

People Powered Machines Tweets Environmental Lawn Care Expertise

People Powered Machines is taking advantage of all the great internet net working and we are now on Twitter to provide our followers with great articles about lawn care, recycling, and other environmental issues!

Find us by searching davidatemple and click “follow” to get quick updates and helpful information. We also use twitter to connect with other lawn care businesses and people who care about the environment as much as we do and we have discovered some great articles and advice.

New for Fall 2010: Leaf Easy Comes to PPM!

Even though you should be enjoying the prime of summer, it is already time to start thinking about the fall season and all those leaves you’ll need to rake!  The Leaf Easy is the ultimate bagging device and will be available on our website before the fall season.

The Leaf Easy:

-Helps finish the job and half the time.

-Durable, easy to use, and lightweight (weighs under 1 pound!)

-Folds flat to 18′ x 45″ and can close securely with velcro.

-Can do other be used for other things than raking leaves like collecting rain gutter debris, construction debris, thorny plants and other shrubbery, and piles too large for dustpans.

Below see pictures of the three easy steps for using the Leaf Easy:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

According to Customer, Ideal Works Great on Bermuda Grass!

The other day we received an e-mail from a customer about how thrilled he is with the way his Ideal 40 cuts Bermuda Grass. We thought we could share it with you.

Hey Dave,

Been a while since I happened to look at your web site and since I bought my Ideal 40. I happened to notice that the Ideal 40 is not recommended for Bermuda. Hmmm? It used to be. I have now been cutting my 7,000 square foot Southern Bermuda yard with the one I purchased from you two years ago.  The mower continues to work fantastic.

The neighbors continue to look at me like I have slipped a screw, but I can’t remember the last time I bought gas for a power mower, been two years at least.  Now that I think about it, I wonder if there is any gas in the old can in the basement?  The wife and dog still like to sit on the porch and watch me.  After two years, I still don’t consider cutting grass with the Ideal 40 work. I’ve done work, this ain’t it.

Anyway, take care, nice to see your company continue to do well and expand.

NaturCut Ideal 40

New Brill Grass Catchers Fit Old Brill Mowers!

Great News for Brill Mower Owners!:

We have just found out that the new grass catchers for the Brill Razorcut 38 and 33 mowers will now fit the older Brill models.  So if you are an owner of the Brill Luxus and would like a new grass catcher these will fit your mower! The new grass catchers are not available on our site yet, but check in shortly and you will be able to order one.

Brown Grass: Dormant not Dead

Customers are often asking us what to do about their lawn once it turns brown.  Well, when a lawn turns brown it does not mean the grass has died it just means it has “gone to sleep” until it rains again.

Tips for the Dormant Period:

-Try to keep the grass about 2-3 inches high when the grass begins to turn brown due to lack of rain.

-Don’t be too concerned about watering the lawn because it will turn green again with rain (and it’s a good way to conserve water!)

-Even though brown grass is not the most attractive, remember that it will soon return to that lovely green color.

Advantages of the Sun-Mar Composting Toilet

The Three Chamber Technology

The Bio-drum Composting Chamber

-Optimizes mixing and aeration and allows for moisture to be evenly distributed.

-Ensures there is no excess moisture by removing it directly into the evaporating chamber through a screen.

-Offers simplicity of operation.  In order to mix and aerate turn the Bio-drum handle periodically.

-Offers an ideal environment for aerobic bacteria to flourish and quickly break down organic material through perfect mixing, oxygenation, and moisture control.

The Automatic Evaporating System

-Offers the ideal environment for evaporation: has a large evaporating surface with thermostatically controlled heat and lots of air movement.

The Evaporating Chamber

– The floor of the unit below the drawer is the evaporating chamber.  The large evaporating surface is accessed simply by pulling out the drawer.

-The heater is on continuously only when there is liquid to evaporate into the chamber.

-A long lasting squirrel cage turbo fan pulls air into the unit to ensure odorless operation and over the evaporating surface to optimize evaporation.

-The fan setting can be adjusted to optimize the mix between recirculated and vented air for every installation.

The Finishing Drawer

-The finishing drawer is an isolated container, into which finished compost drops automatically when the Bio-drum is rotated backwards.

-This is where the compost can be left to complete the composting and sanitation process.

-While in the drawer the compost is surrounded by a stream of drying air and gradually dries out prior to removal.

The Collection Chamber

-The finishing drawer is pulled out by hand with no tools needed and no screws to undo.  The sanitized compost can be removed, emptied, and the empty drawer replaced whenever more compost needs to be extracted from the Bio-drum.

The Three Chamber Technology

Sun-Mar Composting Toilet

Coming Soon to PPM: Sun-Mar Composting Toilets!

Check our website in the next week to check out the new composting toilets!

Benefits of Sun-Mar’s composting toilets:

-Sun-Mar composting toilets have already saved over 2.75 billion gallons of  drinking quality water and counting.

-The composting toilets evaporate liquids and compost the solids so there is almost no output and no contamination of ground water.

-Composting toilets offer the safest and most environmentally friendly method of waste treatment.

Why Sun-Mar?

-Their unique and patented BioDrum design provides super fast, odor-free aerobic decomposition.

-They are the only toilets certified to ANSI/NSF standard 41 for residential use.

-The unique 3 chamber technology guarantees simplicity of operation.

Why use a composting toilet?

-No plumbing

-No Water

-No odor

-Inexpensive solution

-No pollutioin

-Saves Water

-Recycles Nutrients

-Little or No Liquid Output

Sun-Mar Composting Toilet

Vermont Senators Propose Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Lawn Equipment!

Great Green News:

Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Representative Peter Welch have come together in drafting a bill that will give homeowners a 25% tax credit when they purchase alternative energy powered lawn, garden, and forestry equipment.  The legislators call it the “Greener Gardens Act” and say that it would reduce air pollution more than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because it would provide an immediate incentive for people to purchase clean and alternative machines that operate on little to no fossil fuel.

Similar to Cash for Clunkers, the government would give a credit of up to $1,000 to anyone buying the equipment that meets certain green requirements. The qualifying power sources would most likely include electricity, propane, natural gas, biodeisel, ethanol, methanol, compressed natural gas, and even gas-electic hybrids.

As Senator Leahy said, ““Building early consumer demand for cleaner technologies is a proven way to create a growing market that can harness American ingenuity to create new jobs and reduce our reliance on foreign oil”.

The bill encourages energy independence, promotes cleaner air, and drives development of new technologies and new products,  all being components we  will need to rely on in the future.

Senator Leahy

Be Sure to Check your Nuts and Bolts Before Mowing!

Improve your Mowing Experience:

In order to have the best possible mowing experience, make sure to check that the nuts and bolts on your mower are fastened securely before each mow.  Check the bolts and nuts on the handle as well as the height adjustment to be sure that nothing will come loose while mowing.  This only takes a minute and will ensure that you will not have to stop to readjust your mower during your mowing time!

The Benefits of Clotheslines

Now that the weather is warm, it is the perfect time to start using a clothesline to dry your clothes and linens! Aside from the obvious economical and environmental benefits that using a clothesline can bring, there are many other benefits that clotheslines offer!

The Benefits:

-Static electricity and shrinkage are no longer an issue.

-Clothing hung on clotheslines last longer (all the lint that collects in our dryer is actually your clothing breaking down) and smell fresher.

-When clothes are thrown in a dryer, zippers cause tearing and snags. By hanging your clothes outside you can completely avoid this problem.

-By driving half of your wash loads on a clothesline, the average family can save 720 pounds of cabon dioxide in a year.

-Save on your utility bill by not running the dryer! Did you know that electric dryers are among the top energy-users in a home?

– Save on laundry products too! Since the sun is a natural lightener you do not need to buy bleach and since electricity creates static cling you do not need to buy dryer sheets.

The Hills Clothesline is easy to store since it folds up like an umbrella!

The Hills Clothesline

Tips to make your Reel Mower Blades Last Longer, Stay Sharper

A quick step to keep your mower running well for years to come:

Before mowing, lubricate the blades with a silicone spray

-After you have finished mowing, wipe blades down

-Make this part of your mowing routine and this simple step will keep blades lasting longer and will keep the mower mowing the way you like!