The Benefits of Clotheslines

Now that the weather is warm, it is the perfect time to start using a clothesline to dry your clothes and linens! Aside from the obvious economical and environmental benefits that using a clothesline can bring, there are many other benefits that clotheslines offer!

The Benefits:

-Static electricity and shrinkage are no longer an issue.

-Clothing hung on clotheslines last longer (all the lint that collects in our dryer is actually your clothing breaking down) and smell fresher.

-When clothes are thrown in a dryer, zippers cause tearing and snags. By hanging your clothes outside you can completely avoid this problem.

-By driving half of your wash loads on a clothesline, the average family can save 720 pounds of cabon dioxide in a year.

-Save on your utility bill by not running the dryer! Did you know that electric dryers are among the top energy-users in a home?

– Save on laundry products too! Since the sun is a natural lightener you do not need to buy bleach and since electricity creates static cling you do not need to buy dryer sheets.

The Hills Clothesline is easy to store since it folds up like an umbrella!

The Hills Clothesline


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