Coming Soon to PPM: Sun-Mar Composting Toilets!

Check our website in the next week to check out the new composting toilets!

Benefits of Sun-Mar’s composting toilets:

-Sun-Mar composting toilets have already saved over 2.75 billion gallons of  drinking quality water and counting.

-The composting toilets evaporate liquids and compost the solids so there is almost no output and no contamination of ground water.

-Composting toilets offer the safest and most environmentally friendly method of waste treatment.

Why Sun-Mar?

-Their unique and patented BioDrum design provides super fast, odor-free aerobic decomposition.

-They are the only toilets certified to ANSI/NSF standard 41 for residential use.

-The unique 3 chamber technology guarantees simplicity of operation.

Why use a composting toilet?

-No plumbing

-No Water

-No odor

-Inexpensive solution

-No pollutioin

-Saves Water

-Recycles Nutrients

-Little or No Liquid Output

Sun-Mar Composting Toilet


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