Advantages of the Sun-Mar Composting Toilet

The Three Chamber Technology

The Bio-drum Composting Chamber

-Optimizes mixing and aeration and allows for moisture to be evenly distributed.

-Ensures there is no excess moisture by removing it directly into the evaporating chamber through a screen.

-Offers simplicity of operation.  In order to mix and aerate turn the Bio-drum handle periodically.

-Offers an ideal environment for aerobic bacteria to flourish and quickly break down organic material through perfect mixing, oxygenation, and moisture control.

The Automatic Evaporating System

-Offers the ideal environment for evaporation: has a large evaporating surface with thermostatically controlled heat and lots of air movement.

The Evaporating Chamber

– The floor of the unit below the drawer is the evaporating chamber.  The large evaporating surface is accessed simply by pulling out the drawer.

-The heater is on continuously only when there is liquid to evaporate into the chamber.

-A long lasting squirrel cage turbo fan pulls air into the unit to ensure odorless operation and over the evaporating surface to optimize evaporation.

-The fan setting can be adjusted to optimize the mix between recirculated and vented air for every installation.

The Finishing Drawer

-The finishing drawer is an isolated container, into which finished compost drops automatically when the Bio-drum is rotated backwards.

-This is where the compost can be left to complete the composting and sanitation process.

-While in the drawer the compost is surrounded by a stream of drying air and gradually dries out prior to removal.

The Collection Chamber

-The finishing drawer is pulled out by hand with no tools needed and no screws to undo.  The sanitized compost can be removed, emptied, and the empty drawer replaced whenever more compost needs to be extracted from the Bio-drum.

The Three Chamber Technology

Sun-Mar Composting Toilet


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