According to Customer, Ideal Works Great on Bermuda Grass!

The other day we received an e-mail from a customer about how thrilled he is with the way his Ideal 40 cuts Bermuda Grass. We thought we could share it with you.

Hey Dave,

Been a while since I happened to look at your web site and since I bought my Ideal 40. I happened to notice that the Ideal 40 is not recommended for Bermuda. Hmmm? It used to be. I have now been cutting my 7,000 square foot Southern Bermuda yard with the one I purchased from you two years ago.  The mower continues to work fantastic.

The neighbors continue to look at me like I have slipped a screw, but I can’t remember the last time I bought gas for a power mower, been two years at least.  Now that I think about it, I wonder if there is any gas in the old can in the basement?  The wife and dog still like to sit on the porch and watch me.  After two years, I still don’t consider cutting grass with the Ideal 40 work. I’ve done work, this ain’t it.

Anyway, take care, nice to see your company continue to do well and expand.

NaturCut Ideal 40


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