New Electric Riding Mower gets Great Customer Reviews

Hi all,

We are getting great feedback on our new 2010 Recharge Electric Riding Mower! Thought we would share this feedback with you here ::

I wanted to take a minute and expound upon my love for the Recharge Mower, a new green running lawnmower.

My family made the decision to become environmentally conscience about a year ago. It’s not always been the easiest thing but with a little research, we’ve had a lot of success. It was quite by accident that we stumbled across the Recharge Mower.

We’d made the decision to get a riding lawnmower due to some health issues and never really expected to come across anything green. Imagine our thrill when we found the Recharge Mower.

The Recharge Mower runs on battery power, so that means no motor. No motor, no emissions. The Recharge Mower runs for about 3 hours(that’s cutting time). In that time we can usually get our lawn done twice. The best part, it’s super cheap. For a full charge, our mower costs about 55 cents.

A green machine that’s cheap to run. Is there anything better?

2010 Recharge Electric Riding Mower


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