What’s Better? Feed your NYT to your Worms or Recycle?

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The New York Times has been regularly publishing articles about composting. It seems there are a lot of hip people in NYC apartments feeding their NY Times to their worms! I too shred my Sunday times (the only day I get a paper delivered) and use that on top of my can-o-worms composter. I was feeling like that was the best solution until this article today: Urban Composting: A New Can of Worms.

I was Wrong: Better to Recycle that Paper::
In this article they state that it is better for the environment to recycle that paper than to compost it. They also reiterate the importance of not throwing food waste into the landfills ::

Composting does not have as big an environmental effect as recycling, Environmental Protection Agency figures show: recycling one ton of mixed paper is four times as effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as producing the same amount of compost.

But keeping food discards out of landfills does more than twice the good of keeping mixed paper out, E.P.A. officials said, because decomposing food that is buried and cut off from air releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas, at higher rates than paper. (The ventilation in composting prevents methane creation.)

I have always wondered this and am grateful to have an answer. Seems I’ll start using other forms of non-recyclable paper to lay on the top level of my wormery.


One response to “What’s Better? Feed your NYT to your Worms or Recycle?

  1. Home Composter Sara

    That’s fascinating. My Worm Factory is on the way, but I’m brand-new to home composting. Would cereal boxes be a good alternative to newspaper for the composter?

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