Video + Reviews : Nature Mill Indoor Electric Composter

Naturemill Indoor Composter

Nature Mill’s new redesigned XE series award winning indoor electric composters have the following improvements.

  • stronger motor
  • more powerful filters (5-7 years now)
  • energy saving mode (vacations etc)
  • improved ergonomics for the foot pedal
  • waterproofing upgrade

The Naturemill operates on about 50 cents of electricity per month, is absolutely beautiful, and has a cabinet kit to sit inside standard kitchen cabinets. The Wall Street Journal product review declared  “The NatureMill Pro XE gets the highest marks...”



My little home composter has been chugging away for nearly a year now. It has made dozens of batches of compost. I still can’t believe how fast it turns our organic waste items into hot, black, fragrant compost. I was always under the impression that compost takes years and is very messy, but this system is different because it has a small motor and an air filter. There is basically no smell. It takes a few weeks to get the cultures activated, and during that time the instructions say to keep the machine closed. It all makes sense if you follow the instructions.

In summary, this is an expensive machine but worth every penny. The convenience alone, of not having to take out wet smelly trash or make trips to the compost pile is worth it. As a bonus you get tons of your own compost whenever you want it. – Daniel

I’ve had a NatureMill composter for several months now and it really is changing the way we think about trash. What a great invention, to turn trash into something useful that you can add to your garden and watch as your vegetables grow and come back to your plate.

The little machine takes pretty much anything we trow away in the kitchen (except big bones). It can handle meat and fish and egg shells which our regular backyard composter can not. We had some learning to do at first, getting the cultures started, which is explained pretty well in their instruction manual. Definitely worth it if you consider all the trips you save going outside to the compost bin. And now our regular trash (what’s left of it) has basically no smell at all since there is no food in it.

We have made several batches already, and we have learned that some things compost better than others. Coffee grounds, egg shells, and lettuce all go down fast and smell nice. Flowers for some reason do not – the stems on ours are probably too hard, so it takes a long time to break down. We tried paper, they do not recommend that, and a little seems to be ok but really not like a whole bin of shredded paper. Guess the junk mail will have to go elsewhere.

Overall, a great little machine, definitely worth the investment. We are saving up for another to put outside for our pet waste (yes, they have a model for that too). – RICH

naturemill indoor electric composter

naturemill- electric composter

Initially I was very hesitant about this machine. I saw it on Oprah but it just seemed too good to be true. They’ve obviously been in business for a while and have made the refinements over time. It’s a little quieter than my fridge, and smells kind of like vegetable soup when you lift the lid – certainly an improvement overy my kitchen trash bin, which is no basically odor free because these days it has only a few plastic wrappers in it and I hardly even have to take it out. To me, the NatureMill is almost like just another recycling bin, but for food waste only. It doesn’t take corn cobbs or steak bones, which is understandable. But it does quick work on coffee grounds, spoiled fruits and vegetables, table scraps, etc. It gets very hot inside there so the company says you can safely compost cheese, egg shells, and meat scraps, which I have just started to do and so far so good.

My compost is amazingly dark and rich. You can’t buy stuff like that. All you get in a store is dry, dusty, dirt-looking material which probably is mostly dirt with hardly any compost at all. When I make my own compost, I know it’s real, and boy is it good stuff. – Steve


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