This Season’s Brill Reel Mower Testimonials

We wanted to share with you all the great reviews that the Brill Razorcut has gotten over the last few years.  When the company was started about 15 years ago the Brill was the first product we sold and even after much expansion it is still one of our most reliable products.


Hello. We just purchased a Brill 38 mower and wanted to tell you how pleased we are with it. It is a pleasure to use. Thank you for making such a quality item. It is too bad that the ease of use and quality of cut is not common knowledge. While using it I have had neighbours stop and give it a try, they are quite impressed. Thanks again -Dale

After much researching and thinking I decided to order a brill mower from your website. I was hesitant because my lawn is the perfect example of what not to mow with a reel mower. I previously had a cheap reel mower that worked well until the plastic parts wore. I decided to take the plunge and spend the money on the brill razor cut 38. It’s nothing short of amazing even in my stick ridden bumpy lawn. It took me a few tries to get the cutting bar adjusted but once I did the brill just plows through the yard and leaves it looking healthy and natural and ready to be enjoyed. -Cory

I found your website a week or so ago while looking for the best reel mower. Once I saw the Brill Razorcut 38 I knew it was for me. I ordered it on Saturday, and it arrived on Tuesday. I raced home and put it together and was outside cutting the grass in no time. In no time, the whole neighborhood was in my yard watching me cut the grass. I felt like a new father. Everyone wanted to see, touch, try my new baby. It performed even better than described on your web site. Easy to push, lightweight, perfect cut, and it took me less time to cut the grass than with my old polluting mower. I am 150% happy with my new Razorcut. I hope to increase your sales and have my neighbors converted before long!!! Thanks again… -Scott

Hello David, I must confirm that this mower is fabulous, even I after three disc surgeries can push it, the result is a clean cut, much better than with the usual mowers. You can read I am pretty enthusiastic about, and you can use this as an honest recommendation for this product. It is easy to use and to clean, I use a small broom and my hands to remove left grass. I would like to order a grass catche…thanks from a very satisfied customer. My friends are now interested in those mowers. Sincerely… -Barbara

-I have used US reel mowers for years. This Brill mower beats them all, hands down. Thank you for importing it. -James B.

I received my Brill push mower yesterday. I am mechanically challenged and I put this thing together in 10 minutes. I am proud to tell you that for the first time in my 53 years I cut my own grass. My yard looks wonderful, I got a good workout, and the mower was easy to push. I am ridiculously pleased with myself and your pro duct. I have also ordered a Tumbleweed composter. Thank you. I am saving more on yard maintenance thank the total cost of the mower. All of my friends want to come over and try out my mower. Expect an influx of orders from Nashville Tn. Thanks a million! -Elaine

Last night I got home late. It was after 10pm when I found my new people powered lawnmower on the porch. As my wife got ready for bed I quickly put it together, turned on the outside lights and mowed my yard! Twenty five minutes later I was done and I felt really really good. It was a very simple pleasure that I hadn’t enjoyed in over 4 years. Since graduating college and joining the service I’ve been stationed overseas. I’ve just been stationed in Richmond Virginia where we have bought our first house and now I’ve mowed my own yard! …and the neighbors had no idea. This mower is a solid and very efficient piece of equipment. It was a joy to use and I look forward to the grass growing again so I can back out there. Thank you….-Jason R

Brill Razorcut


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