Save Water: Use Cooking Water to Irrigate your Plants

Instead of setting your sprinkler system to run for a half an hour three times a week, make use of something that you would normally throw down the train.  Whenever you boil any kind of food (pasta, corn, potatoes, lobster, etc) let the water come down to room temperature and then use it to water the plants in your gardens or the ones potted around your house.  In addition to saving water, the plants will receive a nutrient boost from the vitamins and minerals the food you boiled has left behind in the cooking water.  With this method, you will save water and money and contribute to making the earth healthier.

Follow these tips in order to find success:

-Don’t heavily salt the water because excess salt can damage your plants and the soil health.

-Don’t use water that you’ve added oil to because it can turn rancid and attract pests.

-Don’t use the cooking water for houseplants because there is a bit of an odor especially if you boiled broccoli or brussel spouts, but don’t worry because it isn’t a problem outside.


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