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Is Henry Francis “mad” to be pushing a reel lawnmower?

If you tuned in to Mad Men on October 10, 2010, “Blowing Smoke”, you saw a sweaty Henry, Betty Draper’s new husband, doing some heavy breathing while mowing the lawn.  Advertising may not have changed much since the 1960’s but reel mowers have and in a good way.

Now much easier to push and lighter, reel mowers won’t wake up the neighbors or spew harmful pollutants into the air. Making the switch to a reel mower is easy.   A conventional gas powered lawn mower emits on average nearly 90 pounds of carbon dioxide and over 50 pounds of other pollutants into our air every year according to the EPA

Pushing a reel mower is now easy

A reel lawn mower is lightweight and easy to push


Urban rooftop gardeners use kitchen scraps to make fertilizer

City dwellers  are using rooftops to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs using home-grown, rich organic fertilzer made from kitchen scraps. Smaller model composters, such as the Soil Saver are easy to fill, mix and harvest even in the coldest of climates.

Learn about rooftop gardens from The Rooftop Garden Project, where you can read all about urban rooftop gardens and how new ways to interact in the urban environment and with the food cycle are explored. Urban rooftop gardens produce fruits and vegetables ecologically, encourage physical activity and make use of organic waste.

The Soil Saver Composter is great for urban rooftop gardens


Hills Clotheslines make it to the Green Festival in D.C. Oct 23-24

Green Festival, which takes place in Washington D.C. on October 23-24 2010 is described as “a walk through a sustainable community”.  This year, exhibitors include Breeze Dryer. Visit and you can see the  Hills Clothesline, one of the many products which help make our lives healthier.

See the best in green and hear business and community leaders discuss critical environmental issues. You can attend workshops, see films and visit a unique marketplace where you can shop for products that reduce pollution.

Children get fit with a NaturCut reel mower and support President and Mrs. Obama’s fitness challenge

First Lady Michelle Obama’s  “Let’s Move” campaign and the Presidential Active Lifestyle award program challenges familes to choose gardening as an outdoor activity and to use a push mower to mow the lawn.

The Can-O-Worms composter makes great compost

Children can enjoy composting with the Can-O-Worms Composter

Mowing your lawn with a push reel mower can add to a healthy lifestyle and benefit the environment.  The Let’s Move Campaign and the Presidential Active Life Style Award Program are targeting the problem of childhood obesity in America. Getting children involved in gardening has been a focus of David Temple, a former teacher and founder of

Rolypig is a fun way to get children involved in composting and you can sponser a child for the Junior Entrepeneur Program (JET) to help a child start a small lawn-mowing business.

The Rolypig Composter will  entertain as well as educate your children on how to compost and will deliver great fertilizer.  Open the snout of this adorable pig and turn kitchen scraps into fertilizer for your garden. has lots of fun and educational information for kids on gardening and the environment