Is Henry Francis “mad” to be pushing a reel lawnmower?

If you tuned in to Mad Men on October 10, 2010, “Blowing Smoke”, you saw a sweaty Henry, Betty Draper’s new husband, doing some heavy breathing while mowing the lawn.  Advertising may not have changed much since the 1960’s but reel mowers have and in a good way.

Now much easier to push and lighter, reel mowers won’t wake up the neighbors or spew harmful pollutants into the air. Making the switch to a reel mower is easy.   A conventional gas powered lawn mower emits on average nearly 90 pounds of carbon dioxide and over 50 pounds of other pollutants into our air every year according to the EPA

Pushing a reel mower is now easy

A reel lawn mower is lightweight and easy to push



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