Green Ideas for dealing with dog poop

Man’s best friend can wreak havoc on the environment.  If you have a dog, think about alternatives to “curbside” toilets and consider the many ways you can help minimize the impact of dumping dog poop.  In NYC, a very dog-friendly place, fines of up to $1,000 are assessed upon owners who don’t scoop the poop, and most people abide.

In addition to cleaning up after your dog, if you live in an urban area, consider using a biodegradable bag, which unlike plastic, will not take years to decompose.  And if you have a large yard, you can put dog poop in worm farms (but use the compost in your flower garden but not on your vegetables), or install a doggy loo, basically a bucket with holes in the bottom which you place into the ground on a bed of stone and you add an enzyme to break down the poop. When the bucket is full, you simply pour water into it and the broken down materials will flush away. There’s no risk to your plants, you can have the bucket hidden away in your garden.

Composting pet poo in this pet loo is good for the environment


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