The Sno-Wovel, Still the Best in Snow Removal

The Sno -Wovel Snow Removal Machine


Are you getting ready for winter? If you are in an area that receives a fair amount of snow, you really should consider a Sno Wovel. Clear the snow away with much less effort than snow shoveling. And do so without causing any pollution!

The Sno Wovel: One of the things I like best about my job is finding new machines which do their job and have little impact on the environment. The Sno Wovel is designed to clear snow in an energy efficient manner….but most of all it is so back-saving and ergonomic you really have to try it to understand.

Clears away snow 3x FASTER than a snow shovel and is an economical, eco-friendly alternative to snow plows. Clears away snow 3x FASTER than a snow shovel and is an economical, eco-friendly alternative to snow plows and snow blowers.

First we read about the Sno Wovel; next we watched videos about it and saw it in use; then we had to wait for our demo machine to arrive. My son and I were excited when it arrived and took it into the house to assemble. It took about 45 minutes to get it together. We had fun playing around with it but really wanted and needed some snow to test it.

We didn’t have to wait long, six inches of wet snow had dropped over the night. I got the Sno Wovel out of the garage and went to work. At first using it seemed ungainly. But after 15 minutes, I began to understand how to use it better. After 20 minutes our driveway was just about clear from snow. Normally, this would have taken my son and I about 90 minutes to clear with wide shovels resulting in a least one sore back. In addition to taking less time, my back had not been affected at all.

The Sno Wovel had passed the first test. In subsequent uses in 4” of snow, chipping 2”of packed ice, and dealing with a blizzard, the Sno Wovel continued to efficiently clear the snow and ice and did so without any back pain for Dad. The Sno Wovel is a great tool for removing snow. It is the people powered snow blower!


One response to “The Sno-Wovel, Still the Best in Snow Removal

  1. I read thru these comments and would like to pass on my own. I have owned this machine for about 6 weeks now. Anticipating a heavier then usual snow fall for this area (Grand Lake, CO) I put the money out for it, two days after it was delivered – we got 10 inches of sloppy wet snow on the ground. My driveway is 20 feet wide and 50 feet long, plus I have about 30 feet of standard width sidewalk. It was completed in less then 30 minutes. Since that time, I have used the wovel with depths of 2 to 16 inches and just about every type of snow imaginable(for a total of around 38 inches of snow in the past 6 weeks), times are within the 20-30 minute mark and no back pain, shortness of breath, etc. etc.

    I had no issues putting the wovel together, the instructions I recieved worked well.

    As for the snow blower – well, maybe, but I have had alot of issues with auger blades sticking in wet snow, getting powder snow blown back at me (although the wife thought I made a cute snowman) and told to change in the garage due to the smell of exhaust fumes and the like. Not to mention storing, cleaning, maintenance, etc. of the snow blower – no thanks.

    A word about MY customer service experience – I carry the Wovel on the back of my jeep (I use it at work almost as much as I use it at home), one early morning, I was not paying attention and backing out of the garage I caught one of the handles, cursing my stupidity, I got out and tried to fix it, breaking it completely off. I was ready to purchase A WHOLE NEW WOVEL, but I contacted customer service and within 4 days, I had a new handle. COMPLETELY MY FAULT, and yet they sent the handle via Fed-Ex at their cost. I AM A HUGE FAN!!
    If you are ever in the Grand Lake area in the winter – I work at the national park and you might likely see me “woveling” in the area.

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