Give your honey a bee house for a great holiday gift

If you are looking for an original gift and a great hobby, a bee house would be a something to put on your list. It is  easy to raise solitary bees and a fun hobby with the benefits of increased pollination in your garden.

BeeDiverse Bee Houses make great gifts for gardeners

Declining populations of bees has been linked to climate change.  Bees not only produce honey but also pollinate so that plant species can thrive.  The mason bee, unlike the honey bee, is solitary which means that every female is fertile and makes its own nest. Mason bees do not produce honey or beeswax and are immune from mites.  With no honey to defend, they do not sting unless stepped on or squeezed and so make great “garden pets” because they pollinate fruit trees and shrubs and are safe for children and pets.

BeeDiverse Bee Houses are durable, attractive, easy-to-clean and made from sustainable resources to last many summers.  So if your are looking for a great gift for a gardener, consider a BeeDiverse Bee House. Check out the several varieties to get someone started on a great new hobby.

Give your honey a bee house for a great holiday gift :


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