Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping is a challenge, perhaps this year especially. Finding the right gift for your loved ones is often harder than one thinks. I have four siblings for whom I shop. I try to get useful, utilitarian gifts, and I try to give the same gift to all four. Two are women and two are men. For the past few years I have found some neat gifts at REI. The URL is

Great comments: One year I gave a headband light. At one time or another, three of  my siblings have expressed joy at having the light handy at the right time, often when an electrical outage occurred. Another year I gave a multifaceted tool. It had many pliers, screwdrivers, awl, and other  tools all built into one easy to use tool. This too received many nice comments.

This year: This year I wanted to do something in the clothing line and began searching on REI’s website about a month ago. Again, I’d like to give the same gift to all. After several visits to the website I came upon a buff. This looks like a great gift and is good for cold and hot climates which is nice because my siblings live in Arizona to Maine. What I really liked about this product, is that it can be used for so many things. It can be a neck warmer, a sand or wind breaker, a mask against cold, a cap and more. And to top it off it came in a design called Temple, which is our last name! So four Temple Buffs it is.

Gift Guide: The REI gift guide has been so much fun for me to use, I am making a Gift Guide for our website as well. It should be up any day now. One great gift idea is the Sno Wovel. We get so many wonderful thank you notes for this cool tool.


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