Smart Carts for Many Reasons

The Smart Cart: Over the years we have found the Smart Cart to be one of the best products we sell. It is light, versatile, moves large quantities, durable, easy to use, and is a daily part of our lives. Whether we are hauling recyclables to the curb for pickup, taking compost to the beds, transporting mulch, building a stone wall, moving firewood from the storage area to the house, the Smart Cart is there for us.

Second Pan: An added benefit to having a Smart Cart is that you can have a second tub. The Second tub can be the same size or can be the other size. If you have a 7′ tub, you can add the 12′ tub. If you have the 12′ tub you can add the 7′ tub. The second tub is great for those who need to feed or water pets and livestock or need outdoor storage.

Smart Cart hauls up to 600 pound EASILY. Frontwards or backwards. Perfectly balanced design.


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