Activeion’s New Cleaning Devices

Activeion HOM: Activeion has developed a home cleaning device, the Ionator Hom, which uses just tap water. The tap water is ionized which adds positive and negative charges to the water. The positive and negative charges bond with the dirt and separate the dirt from the object the dirt is on.

The HOM: Having the Ionator HOM cleaning device means that you don’t have to use chemicals to clean your house and home. The HOM will do it all: kitchen floors, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, counters, sinks, bathrooms, showers; this is the one safe and environmentally responsible cleaner.

The HOM: Revolutionize the way you clean your home with a simple spray cleaner that uses only your tap water. No more locked cabinets filled with dozens of harmful chemicals. From windows to countertops, stainless steel, even carpets, one Ionator Hom device does it all.


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