Testimonial for the Recharge Electric Riding Mower

A Customer’s Testimonial: I rated the Recharge Electric Riding Mower at five stars because it delivered all that it promised. From day-one, the company courteously answered all my pre-purchase questions, walked me through shipping – assembly- and operations, including tips to use the mower more effectively.

With a Push Mower: Using my push mower, my suburban lawn used to take me almost three hours to do, and that with my wife’s help. (I’m retired, i.e., well over 21.) Now, with the Recharge Mower,  I do it by myself in about one hour. After about eight mowings already, I am quite satisfied. Operationally, the twin blades cut well, and the bagger is superb. The power is more than adequate, both in chomping grass and rises in terrain with rider and full load of grass. I also tested the charging capacity. I did a couple of double-runs on one recharge, for a total of about two and three-quarters of an hour. It can do the promised three hour running time per charge.

2011 Recharge Electric Riding Mower

Refreshing: It was refreshing, considering the cost of the machine, to have so many safeguards to protect the mower itself, as well as the obvious safety to operator and other wee critters nearby. For me, it is more agile that a conventional tractor-type. I appreciate not having bio-hazards in the garage, no odors, and almost nothing in maintenance. With an estimated 25-30 recharges per mowing season, I would anticipate a long, long time before needing to replace the battery pack.

Normal Suburban Sized Lawn: If you have a normal suburban-sized lawn, and a noisy conventional gas riding mower does not excite you, I could recommend the Recharge Electric riding mower without reservation.


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