New Trimmers in Stock

American Gardener: Our popular American Gardener Trimmer and Edger is out of stock and will not be made in the future. The American Gardener was a fine trimmer and provided good value. The company supported the product very well.

New Trimmers: We are fortunate to be able to bring two new trimmers to the market. Both use the new lithium ion technology for their batteries. The Recharge Lithium Trimmer -Edger is pictured below.

CEL POWERtrimmer: The CEL POWERtrimmer , pictured below, is the other new trimmer we have this season. The lithium-ion battery technology means it will store the charge over the winter months ready for next season’s use. There is no messy petrol or oil to contend with and yet you have all the power you need; even the line feed is automatic, a short amount is dispensed on every start to ensure the full 10” cutting diameter is made.


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