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Greenfox News!


Summer is here, and while the school year has ended, the Greenfox Schools Team is still in full swing. We have been busy throughout the year developing the organization as a nationally recognized non-profit. This month, Greenfox officially received 501(c)3 non-profit status. This is exciting news, as it means that Greenfox Schools is now eligible for grants and funding to help expand our staff and make our programs even better. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this accomplishment possible!

Read on to learn more about the wonderful things happening at Greenfox Schools this month!

Greenfox Welcomes New Program Director

Greenfox Schools is excited to announce that Will Nguyen will be joining our team this August as the new Program Director! A recent graduate of Notheastern University’s graduate school of public administration, Will comes to Greenfox Schools with experience and know-how in the non-profit and education sectors. Click here to learn more about WIll and his plans for Greenfox programs next fall.
Greenfox in the News

On June 9th, BostInnovation chose Greenfox Schools as a leading innovator in Boston. Founder Kristen von Hoffmann describes what makes Greenfox Schools so unique in the field of non-profits in an article published by BostInnovation, entitled, “Greenfox School’s Sustainability Education: Creating a New, Niche Market in Boston.” The article was part of BostInnovation’s featured series that week highlighting leading non-profit innovation in Boston. The series aligns with New England’s first Tech Gives Back citizenship day. To read the full article, click here.
Earthfest and After Party

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Greenfox Earthfest After Party at Kitty O’Shea’s in Boston on May 26! The event was great success, raising significant funds to go toward Greenfox’s school programs in the fall. To see photos and read more about the event, click here. If you were not able to make it to the event but would still like to contribute, please visit our donate page.
Celebrating Summer
This month, Greenfox after school students celebrated all that they learned with Greenfox Schools throughout the year. The students painted murals, designed green schools, and made salads from the vegetables they planted earlier in the spring in the school gardens. These culminating activities allowed students to look at sustainability holistically and to understand how the concepts they learned throughout the year apply to their daily lives.

Thank you for reading our June Newsletter. Don’t forget to visit us online at to learn more about the organization and to find out how you can get involved. Thank you for your support!

All the best,


Ashlee Dahlberg
Greenfox Schools Director

Rebuilding Depleted Brill Batteries

Rebuild Brill Batteries: We are very pleased to announce that we can now rebuild Brill Batteries that have lost their charge.

Two Recell Options: We offer two recell options for the 24V Brill packs. They are either our standard capacity 2.2Ah (or 2200mAh if you prefer) nickel-metal hydride (NiMh) cells or 3.0Ah NiMh cells. From what I can glean from the part number on the cells of the Brill pack we serviced last week the OE capacity is 2.0Ah via nickel-cadmium (NiCd) cells.

Two Services: Either one of our services would provide a run-time improvement over the OE pack. Additionally, since we recell the packs using NiMh cells they are more environmentally friendly to manufacture and do not suffer from charge memory effects that NiCd typically do.

The Cells: The cells we use are made to our specifications to be high-drain cells, meaning they are designed to take high loads for a sustained period of time (ours can take a sustained 10X cell capacity load). Basically this means the cells were made for a high-drain use in mind (ie. power tools or in your case lawn mowers which need peak torque output) and are not typical cells which would be used for low power electrical devices (cordless phones, etc.).

Supply of Brill Batteries: As the supply of Brill Batteries has run out, this is great news. Save those old Brill Batteries!

$100 Rebate on Sun-Mar Excel NE ( non – electric )

Rebate offer: We are pleased to offer our customers a $100 rebate when they purchase a Sun-Mar Excel NE composting toilet between June 20th and August 20, 2011. This unit saves water, there is no pollution, and nutrients are recycled.

To Receive This Offer: Send us your name, address, city, phone number, and e-mail address. Please tell us how you heard about the Sun-Mar Excel NE. Where will you use your toilet? Will you use it in a cottage or cabana or camp? What are the main reasons you are buying a Sun-Mar toilet? Is it the most economical way to outfit your space? Or is it to protect the environment?

Grass Catchers for Fiskars Momentum Are In

The Long Awaited Grass Catcher: The Grass Catchers for the Fiskars reel mower are in. These Grass Catchers made for the Fiskars lawnmower are easy to install and simple to use with convenient handle for easy emptying. The Grass catcher can hold up to 1/2 bushel.

UV resistent: The Fiskars Catcher is UV resistent and built to last a long time. The catcher comes with a solid frame. The Fiskars push reel mower features best in class heigth adjustment of 1″ to 4″. The catcher is an easy tool free assembly.

Fiskars Momentum – Blade Sharpening Tips

Fiskars Momentum – Blade sharpening:  Regarding sharpening the blades or the the Fiskars Momentum Push Reel Mower. With further investigation & testing, we are now reversing our opinion re: blade “sharpening”, saying “Fiskars does not recommend sharpening the Momentum™ reel mower. The equipment and processes used in home sharpening kits, and even by many professional sharpeners, will likely not be able to achieve the strict tolerances required to maintain the non-contact nature of the cutting system. In the unlikely event that the blades on a heavily used Momentum™ manual reel mower begin to show signs of dulling, Fiskars recommends backlapping to restore the blade edges.”  To “backlap” the Momentum™ reel mower, an abrasive lapping compound is applied to the blades with a brush and the reel is spun backwards via a special hand crank until the blades are smooth and sharpness is restored. While existing backlapping kits for reel mowers can be modified to work with Momentum™ push reel lawn mower, Fiskars is developing a custom kit that will be available in late 2011 or early 2012. The Fiskars kit will include a hand crank designed specifically for the Momentum™ mower, a lapping compound ideally suited for the Momentum™ mower’s blades, an application brush and clear, easily followed instructions.

Fiskar Momentum Reel Mower

Length of Time Before Sharpening: How long should the mower go before blades need to be sharpened on the Fiskars Momentum reel mower?  They can go years,  do to the non-contact blade system? Under normal usage the blades should remain sharp for the life of the mower.

New Haaga Sweeper Product Line

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Haaga Sweepers have several exciting NEW models and changes for 2011!!

     Haaga GmbH informed us during our spring meetings at our office a few weeks ago that due to increases manufacturing costs, the weak U.S. dollar compared to the Euro, and increased transportation costs due to rising fuel costs and less Trans-Atlantic carriers we would see price increases.  We recieved the final pricing this week and it will become effective in the U.S. and Canada on June 15th 2011.  Haaga GmbH has agreed to honor all orders at the old pricing up to that point.  The quality innovations Haaga Sweepers  is releasing this year only strengthen our position in the U.S. and Canadian Sweeping Markets.

If you have already submitted an order that was back-ordered due to availability, you will be charged the original quoted pricing.  We realize that some of these orders are over a month old.  We apologize for these delays which were due to production issues of the new Haaga Sweeper models and are out of our control.  These issues have been properly addressed and resolved by Haaga GmbH.

Additionally, we are very excited to announce that we are in the process of re-locating our U.S. Haaga Warehousing facility to Atlanta, GA.  This will be completed late next week and we will be shipping out of this new facility the week following.  All back-ordered sweepers will ship from this new warehouse location.  They have the capacity to handle the increase in volume that we have seen over the past 6 months.  We tripled our U.S. Sales from 2009 to 2010 and anticipate this strong growth to continue.  Haaga will also be releasing New Products in to the U.S. Market.  We will be introducing an electric pressure washer, a hi-power wet/dry vac and a Snow Sweeper (Haaga 970) in the coming months.

We will be sending out a formal Haaga Price Sheet (pdf) later in the week, but wanted to get the pricing to you as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of this profit opportunity.

M.A.P. Pricing – Haaga Sweepers (U.S. & Canada)
*M.A.P. – Minimum Advertised Price  (Haaga will no longer publish MSRP in the U.S. or Canada)

Haaga 200 SERIES
Haaga 250 CleanSweep      – 22″ 2 Brush Manual – $ 299.99
Haaga 255 TopSweep          – 22″ 2 Brush Manual – $ 399.99
Haaga 275 TopSweep  –  DISCONTINUED

Haaga 400 SERIES
Haaga 475 Turbo (476)         – 30″ 3 Brush Manual – $ 699.99      (Note: model number change- Replaces the flagship Haaga 476)
Haaga 477 Profi – (NEW)       – 30″ 3 Brush Manual – $ 999.99       Professional/Industrial Grade – Replaces Haaga 476 Profi
*Newly designed, incorporated dual filter dust control system, and improved dust seals.  All of the original Profi-Line benefits also incorporated into the New Haaga 477!
Haaga 497 Profi                      – 40″ 3 Brush Manual – $1,199.99        (Added self leveling suspension system)
  *The ONLY 40″ Manual Sweeper in the WORLD!  

Haaga 600 SERIES (Battery Powered)
Haaga 677 Electric (NEW)    – 30″ 3 Brush Electric – $1,899.99       – Replaces Haaga 670
*George and I saw this machine for the first time 2 weeks ago and it is fantastic!  There is nothing on the market to compare to!
See Attached PHOTOS. Please Note, the Haaga 477 and 677 feature this Haaga new design!
Haaga 697 MasterSweep     – 40″ 3 Brush Electric – $1,999.99       (Added self leveling suspension system)

More product detail to follow, in addition to re-designed Tri-Fold Literature, a new Large Format Brochure, and a new Haaga DVD.  The HGL website which many of you refer dealers and customers to will also have these updates very soon.

To Get Better Traction a Brill Customer Studded hisTires

To Improve Traction: Here’s how I “studded” my Brill reel mower in order to get enough traction to mow my thick lawn.  I just used finishing nails.  It works great on my Brill push reel lawnmower.

Not Sure What Type of Grass: I don’t know what kind of grass I have.  However, there are several different varieties.  On my south lawn which gets plenty of sun the grass is so dense that I could hardly mow it with my push reel mower particularly when the wheels of my Brill reel mower were slipping even with the cutter depth set at 40 – 45mm. The tool-making part of my brain clicked in, and, voilá, “studs!”