Insinkerator Waste Pulper Decreased Food Waste by 80%! A Big Deal!

Hard Rock Cafe at Yankee Stadium: Last spring my team visited the Hard Rock Cafe to see their Insinkerator Waste Pulper in action. A Waste Pulper is a machine which decreases food waste by as much as 85%. Check this video out!

15 Gallons of Salad Waste: The chef had saved 15 gallons of salad waste for the demonstration. He dumped the food waste into the Insinkerator and the waste pulper began to whir. Within a matter of seconds small particles, about a 1/4″ by 1/4″ started being collected in the 5 gallon drum at our feet.

15 Gallons to 2.5 Gallons: After a few minutes all the food waste had gone through and was turned into just 2.5 gallons! Fantastic and so easy. The kitchen staff could not have been more thrilled with their Insinkerator. Rather than throwing 100 bags into the trash, they only throw 20 bags.

Hospitals, Food Establishments, Universities, Government Agencies: Just think what an impact this machine can make. Imagine if all of our hospitals, food establishments, universities, and government agencies had Insinkerator Waste Pulpers. We could reduce our food waste by 80%


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