About us

I started People Powered Machines to bring folks the highest quality, environment-friendly products we could find.

The company began with our lifestyle decision to use a nonpolluting, health promoting reel push mower, and our frustration in finding a high quality product that would endure.

Since we started People Powered Machines, we have added products which are similar to the Brill Razorcut 38, our flagship product, in that they are the very high in quality.

Many years ago, we made the decision that we would use a reel mower exclusively– to enjoy our family gardening time with our small children nearby. The Brill 38 reel mower eliminated polluting fuels and noise, and we benefited from the good clean exercise that such mowing provides. Now we mow our acre lawn using only Brill, NaturCut, and Fiskars push lawn mowers.

We purchased our first reel mower at our local hardware store, where we bought what they said was the best model available. After several months of mowing with the reel mower, we were surprised to find our lawn thicker and greener. We inquired about this to a friend who was a landscaper, and he confirmed our observations, and informed us that a reel mower provides the healthiest cutting method for the grass plant.

A bonus…what had started as a choice to promote a cleaner environment and healthier exercise was also adding to the health and beauty of our lawn.

Like most users of reel mowers, at the end of each season we had to take the mower to a shop for sharpening. Finding a shop that does blade sharpening was not easy, but we eventually found a fine service shop within twenty minutes of our home. At first, the mower cut well, though each year it required more service, and more sharpening. After three years, it became difficult to use, and we began searching for alternatives-not wanting to purchase the same type again. So we began our research of reel mowers.


The initial mowing of that season was particularly hard work. The lawn had grown so high, maybe as high as six inches in places. If we had closer neighbors, we may have been tempted to borrow their power mower for this first cut. But subsequent mowings have been such a pleasure. The Brill handles like a finely crafted tool. Our 18 year old daughter, Rose, and our 13 year old son, Matt, used to help out with the mowing. Rose and Matt were each responsible for their own section. Now, Matt and I cover the lawn duty. We once customized a Brill for Matt which he loved to use. (We still fondly remember when Matt was 3 and used his “bubble mower” right along side us.)

Assured of its durable quality and knowing how hard it was for us to find the Brill Luxus 38, we started People Powered Machines (PPM). Our company mission is to raise the awareness of the benefits of reel mowing, using cordless electric gardening tools, enjoying the best utility cart in the world, and the value of composting. We are pleased to bring you the finest we have found: The high quality NaturCut reel mowers, the Razorcut 38 and 33, the Smart Cart, ROLYPIG,  Tumbleweed, and many more.

This year we have added Hill Clotheslines, The Recharge Electric Riding Mower, The Silent Cut reel mower for Zoysia and Bermuda grass, Hoss tools for gardeners, CEL battery powered blowers and trimmers, and the Sno-Wovel.

All of our products have been fully tested; we know the products well. Products sold on this site are high quality, high performance.

Thanks For Another Fine Year!
We had another fine year, not only from selling these unique and high quality products, but in hearing from so many people who love the idea of lawn/garden care with less pollution. About 25% of our sales came from word of mouth; friends and neighbors chatting about these fine alternatives to gas-powered mowers, trimmers, and carts. You confirmed our belief that the Smart Cart is the best wheel barrow type product and that composting is high on many people’s lists of what we can do to better take care of our environment. We learned that the Walkover Sprayers are great tools which last a very long time. And because of the need for a reel mower which is high quality, affordable, and cuts Bermuda and Zoysia grasses, we found the Silent Cut reel mowers. Thank you all for the wonderful endorsements and testimonials, they keep us smiling. You are terrific, let’s keep reel mowing, smart carting, and composting!

25% sales by word of mouth.
Thanks to you all!


One response to “About us

  1. Thank You for promptly replacing the mower that got damaged in shipping. I am very pleased with the Brill Easy Cut 38 Reel. It exceeds my expectations, because it is so easy to push and truly cuts like RAZOR BLADE. I can zip through my lawn in half the time with much less fatigue. The cutting height adjustment feature is great! The handle is quite comfortable. I highly recommend People Powered Machines for merchandising such a fine product.

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