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Rolypigs Popular In Elementary Schools!

The Rolypig: The cute, adorable, efficient Rolypig Composter continues to be popular with Elementary Schools. Often the Rolypig serves to generate curriculum in the schools Science program.

New and Improved Rolypig!

Best Practices: When feeding your food waste to the Rolypig it is best to feed small items – about the size of a golf ball would be perfect. This makes the food waste move smoothly through the Rolypig and the composting process. But when the compost comes out the back end and is not fully matured, no problem, just feed it into the Rolypig for another run.

Timing: It takes about 10 weeks for your Rolypig to produce compost.

Insinkerator Waste Pulper Decreased Food Waste by 80%! A Big Deal!

Hard Rock Cafe at Yankee Stadium: Last spring my team visited the Hard Rock Cafe to see their Insinkerator Waste Pulper in action. A Waste Pulper is a machine which decreases food waste by as much as 85%. Check this video out!

15 Gallons of Salad Waste: The chef had saved 15 gallons of salad waste for the demonstration. He dumped the food waste into the Insinkerator and the waste pulper began to whir. Within a matter of seconds small particles, about a 1/4″ by 1/4″ started being collected in the 5 gallon drum at our feet.

15 Gallons to 2.5 Gallons: After a few minutes all the food waste had gone through and was turned into just 2.5 gallons! Fantastic and so easy. The kitchen staff could not have been more thrilled with their Insinkerator. Rather than throwing 100 bags into the trash, they only throw 20 bags.

Hospitals, Food Establishments, Universities, Government Agencies: Just think what an impact this machine can make. Imagine if all of our hospitals, food establishments, universities, and government agencies had Insinkerator Waste Pulpers. We could reduce our food waste by 80%

Nature Mill Adding New Line of Composters

Nature Mill will be launching their new line of composters. We look forward to see what changes have been made. We still have about a dozen of the Nature Mill Plus XE composters in stock. The Nature Mill Plus XE is an excellent value.naturemill indoor electric composter

Naturemill Indoor Composter

The Nature Mill Plus XE features:

NEW: Energy Save Mode reduces composting energy consumption by 75%
Fully automatic and odor free
Indoor or outdoor use, even in cold weather, rain, or snow
Add food waste any time, any day, up to 120 lbs per month
All NatureMill composters can compost pet waste, kitty litter, and cage beddings.
Compost is ready every 2 weeks
Replace filter every 5-7 years
WARRANTY: 1 year

Vegware Sponsors Global Green Conference

Global Green USA held a conference in NYC on a Coalition for Resource Recovery. The opportunity is to find ways to affect the 15,000 tons of waste send to landfills each day. This is an annual cost of 450 million dollars. Vegware sponsored this two day event for concerned companies and scientists.

Vegware is a leading manufacturer of completely compostable cutlery, tableware, and takeout packaging. They recently added compostable 65 gallon bags to their line of over 80 items. Vegware is certified by Cedar Grove, OK Compost & Den Certo and Compostable Traceability Certification Program. Vegware is made from virgin vegetables and from a sustainable forest.

The Rocket Composter

Composter for Schools,Universities, and Hospitals: The Rocket composter is perfect for schools and universities or for any establishment which has lots of food waste. The Rocket comes in four sizes. The smallest Rocket, the A500 can process 80 gallons of food waste each week. The largest Rocket, the 1200 processes 925 gallons of food waste per week. When a Waste Pulper is used, the A500 can process 240 gallons per week and the 1200 can process 2,775 gallons per week.

Two Weeks for Compost: After running for two weeks the Rocket begins producing compost. And this is high quality compost which can be used around campus or sold.

Other facilities: Other users of the Rocket Composter would be Government Facilities, Prisons, Hotels, Hospitals, Corporate Cafeterias and Nursing Homes. Call 978 884 8156 to learn more about Rocket Composters, Waste Pulpers, and Vegawatt Cogeneration Systems

$50 OFF On Sun-Mar 400 Continuous Composter

Sun-Mar 400: The Sun-Mar 400 has been a reliable leader in large composting units. Made of heavy duty plastic, the Sun-Mar 400 is built to last.

People Powered Machines: For the month of August, People Powered Machines is offering $50 off when you purchase a Sun-Mar 400 Continuous Composter. This is a great way to begin composting.

Things You Can Compost:
From the Kitchen

Coffee grounds and filters, these are excellent
Tea bags
Used paper napkins
Pizza boxes, ripped into smaller pieces
Paper bags, either ripped or balled up
The crumbs you sweep off of the counters and floors
Plain cooked pasta
Plain cooked rice
Stale bread
Paper towel rolls
Stale saltine crackers
Used paper plates (as long as they don’t have a waxy coating)
Cellophane bags (be sure it’s really Cellophane and not just clear plastic—there’s a difference.)
Nut shells (except for walnut shells, which can be toxic to plants)
Old herbs and spices
Stale pretzels
Pizza crusts
Cereal boxes (tear them into smaller pieces first)
Wine corks
Moldy cheese
Melted ice cream
Old jelly, jam, or preserves
Stale beer and wine
Paper egg cartons
Bamboo skewers
Paper cupcake or muffin cups

From the Bathroom

Used facial tissues
Hair from your hairbrush
Toilet paper rolls
Old loofahs
Nail clippings
100% Cotton cotton balls
Cotton swabs made from 100% cotton and cardboard (not plastic) sticks

Personal Items

It might be a good idea to bury these items in your pile. Just sayin’.

Cardboard tampon applicators
Latex condoms

From the Laundry Room

Dryer lint
Old/stained cotton clothing—rip or cut it into smaller pieces
Old wool clothing—rip or cut it into smaller pieces

From the Office

Bills and other documents you’ve shredded
Envelopes (minus the plastic window)
Pencil shavings
Sticky notes
Business cards (as long as they’re not glossy)

Around the House

Contents of your vacuum cleaner bag or canister
Newspapers (shredded or torn into smaller pieces)
Subscription cards from magazines
Leaves trimmed from houseplants
Dead houseplants and their soil
Flowers from floral arrangements
Natural potpourri
Used matches
Ashes from the fireplace, barbecue grill, or outdoor fire pit

Party and Holiday Supplies

Wrapping paper rolls
Paper table cloths
Crepe paper streamers
Latex balloons
Jack o’ Lanterns
Those hay bales you used as part of your outdoor fall decor
Natural holiday wreaths
Your Christmas tree. Chop it up with some pruners first (or use a wood chipper, if you have one…)
Evergreen garlands

Clean, Green Fun at City’s Schools

News : Education Mar 18, 2011 – 9:57 AM

Clean, green fun at city schools

By Mayor’s office, city of Stamford

Mayor Michael Pavia is announcing the rollout of the “RolyPig” composter to Springdale Elementary School. The Solid Waste and Recycling Department has purchased six RolyPig composters, which will be used at six schools to compost organic food waste. This program will begin at Springdale School with the help of Mayor Pavia, Recycling Supervisor, Dan Colleluori and Phys Ed Instructor, Jeff Gruetzner, on Thursday, March 24th at 12 noon at the school.

Students and Staff from the school, along with Chartwells Food Services (the company that supplies the cafeteria food) will all be working together to “feed” the pig. The compost generated will go into the school’s gardens.

‘The RolyPig composter is a fun and easy way for our school children to take the kitchen and food waste at school and turn it into compost. It offers an interactive opportunity to participate in yet another level of recycling,” shared Mayor Michael Pavia.

After about 12-15 weeks of feeding and rolling, the RolyPig compost will be ready for the garden. Additional schools slated to receive the RolyPig are Dolan and Cloonan Middle Schools, and the International School at Rogers Magnet.

It is anticipated that continued recycling education will help make Stamford a greener environment, while helping reduce our waste removal costs.

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