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Greenfox Newsletter

Season’s Greetings!

This month brings to a close another wonderful year here at Greenfox Schools! After moving into our new office space in Cambridge and bringing on board Will Nguyen, our program director, in August, we were able to expand our after school programs into several new Cambridge schools. Next semester, we will continue to grow, collaborating with Somerville schools to bring engaging environmental education after school programs to even more children.

So many of these wonderful accomplishments were made possible by the generosity and support of you, our community. This holiday season, please consider making a donation to Greenfox Schools to help us continue to grow in 2012. Every contribution is incredibly meaningful and makes a difference in our ability to provide quality programs and impact the lives of children in our community.

IMPRESSED by Nature and Greenfox
This month, boutique jewelry company IMPRESSED by nature has decided to partner with Greenfox Schools. IMPRESSED by nature will donate 10% of proceeds from the month of December to Greenfox Schools. These one-of-a-kind earrings and necklaces make wonderful eco-friendly gift for the holidays. To view the full collection and/or make a purchase, please visit the online shop at Here’s what IMPRESSED by nature founder and Greenfox Schools board member Kyla O’Neill had to say:

“I started creating hand-pressed flower and leaf jewelry during the summer of 2011. I was inspired by the petals of the Peruvian lily and thought, “I would love to be able to preserve these and share their beauty with the world.” Peruvian lily earrings were the first piece I made, and from the feedback I received, I started to think that this new hobby could really become something! The people I met were so impressed with the uniqueness of the jewelry that I felt the name IMPRESSED by nature was only fitting.

I hand press all of the natural materials I use and then seal them in thin plastic laminate to highlight the color and detail of the petals and leaves. I am especially inspired by what I find right outside my door, in abandoned parking lots, and between cracks in the sidewalk. My jewelry allows me to capture this raw beauty and preserve it long beyond it’s natural life.

Since my membership on the board of Greenfox Schools and my launching of IMPRESSED by nature jewelry hold several common beliefs, I thought it would be exciting to connect the two. This month IMPRESSED by nature will be donating 10% of its proceeds to support the expansion of Greenfox Schools programming. Please visit my online shop at”

Kristen Presents at Leadership Conference
For the third year in a row, Kristen von Hoffmann, Founder and Chair of Greenfox Schools, was invited to speak at the Women in Leadership Conference held at Yale Law School, hosted by the Yale Women’s Leadership Initiative (YWLI). The conference was held on Saturday, November 12th, 2011.

Kristen was on the panel entitled “Women in Social Entrepreneurship,” speaking alongside Jennifer Galvin, Founder and Producer of Reelblue, LLC, and Ruth DeGolia, Co-founder and Executive Director of Mercado Global. The panel was presented to women’s leadership attendees, students, and business professionals. Kristen, Jennifer, and Ruth answered questions about women’s leadership in business, strategies for revenue growth, and tenets of social responsibility.

When asked about her values, Kristen said, “We rise by lifting others, and that applies to the impact we have on a widespread basis, and that applies to the way we treat each other on a daily basis. Treating people well is important.”

Karl’s Take
Karl Daruwala has been an intern with Greenfox Schools since August 2011. Below he shares a bit about his experience working with classes in Cambridge elementary schools:

“So far my time working in the Greenfox organization has not only been interesting and fun, but it has also enabled me to grow professionally. Sustainability is a fairly complex idea. Therefore it has been interesting to see how the children in the class (mostly kindergarten aged) have developed their own ideas on sustainability. Despite the fact that the children I am working with are young, they are starting to understand some of the individual components that make up sustainability. Through the lesson plans that both Mr. Will Nguyen and myself are using in the classroom, the children are starting to become much more eco-conscious.”

If you’d like to make a safe and secure donation to Greenfox Schools online, please click here. If you have any questions about donating or would like to request more information about Greenfox Schools, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From all of us here at Greenfox Schools, happy holidays and best
wishes for a prosperous and healthy New Year!



Ashlee Dahlberg
Greenfox Schools Director

Greenfox Newsletter

Greenfox Newsletter
November 2011
In This Issue
A Word from Will
Sarah’s Scoop
Karl’s Take


In this season of giving thanks, we at Greenfox Schools would like to thank all of you for your ongoing support. Greenfox has had a great year working with students across Cambridge and helping to instill in them the value of protecting and understanding our environment.

This month’s newsletter focuses on the importance of sustainability and the programs we run with fresh perspectives from our program director and teaching interns. These individuals make a difference each week in the lives of children around Cambridge and in the articles that follow, they share those perspectives with you.
A Word from Will Nguyen
Greenfox fall programming is in full gear as we move past the halfway mark for classes. We have currently covered all 5 categories in the Greenfox5 model, including lessons around the water cycle (Greenspace), organic gardening and composting (Food / Waste), recycled paper (Products) and solar / wind power (Energy). Sustainability is our future and these programs provide a unique opportunity to connect it on a fundamental level with our children, who will be the ones that will be our future.

Karl Daruwala and Sarah Stickney have been outstanding Teaching Interns and their full thoughts on the program will be listed in more detail in this newsletter. I’m excited to be working with such an amazing team here at Greenfox and we will finish the semester strong. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sarah’s Scoop
I’ve had a wonderful experience helping with the Greenfox after-school programs this fall. I have been working with a class of six kids at the King Amigos School near Central Square in Cambridge, and we’ve been able to teach most of our classes outside in the City Sprouts garden. Highlights include turning the compost (the kids were really excited about it!), making and hanging pollution catchers, creating water cycle models, and making recycled paper. All of the kids are smart and engaged, and it feels great to be teaching them interesting and useful environmental concepts. I think the Greenfox programs are making a big impact in Cambridge public schools!

Karl’s Take
I’ve had a wonderful experience helping with the Greenfox after school programs this fall. I have been working with a class of six kids at the King Amigos School near Central Square in Cambridge, and we’ve been able to teach most of our classes outside in the City Sprouts garden. Highlights include turning the compost (the kids were really excited about it!), making and hanging pollution catchers, creating water cycle models, and making recycled paper. All of the kids are smart and engaged, and it feels great to be teaching them interesting and useful environmental concepts. I think the Greenfox programs are making a big impact in Cambridge public schools!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving that you enjoyed our newsletter this month. Visit our website and Facebook page to learn more about our programs and the way they are impacting students across Cambridge each day. Stay warm and think green as we head into the holiday season!

All the best,


Ashlee Dahlberg
Greenfox Schools Director

At Clover You Eat On Vegware

The special eating place called Clover in Harvard Square is fully supplied by Vegware. Vegware manufactures completely compostable cutlery, tableware, and takeout packaging. Clover is a unique setting to grab a cup of coffee, soup, or have a meal. The pace is calming, the service excellent. The place is abuzz with good feelings.

Clover composts nearly everything including food waste generated in making the food, coffee grounds, and post consumer food waste including the Vegware. Vegware is made from virgin vegetables or from a sustainable forest. Vegware is completely compostable.

Vegware a Sponsor at Fire and Flannel

Vegware recently was a sponsor at the Fire and Flannel event held in South Hamilton. Showing off their 80 completely compostable cutlery, tableware, and takeout packaging items during the event. The event was sold out even on a very chilly evening.

Three bands kept the music flowing over the course of the three our food and drink affair. In addition to Vegware, the other sponsors included Taza Chocolate, The Food Project, Maitland Mountain Farm, Chankge is Simple, Valley View Farm, Verterra, Ipswich Ale, Apple Street Farm, First Light Farm, NECR, The Gravel Project, QWIll, Privateer, and the Organic Sound Project.

Greenfox Schools Founder to Run Road Race

Dear Friends,

As you may know, I’m a board member for a great 501c3 non profit organization called Greenfox Schools, that partners with schools in the greater Boston area to provide sustainability education & environmental programs for youth. It would be wonderful if you would consider making a donation in honor of our organization, as our fellow board member Kristen von Hoffmann competes in the upcoming Boston Mayor’s Cup.

This cause matters to me because it is all about sustainability and how to make real changes in our daily habits.

Greenfox Schools has grown from an idea into a full-fledged non-profit comprised of staff and volunteers. We have a small office in Cambridge, MA, and we partner with schools in Cambridge and Boston to provide after-school programs, curriculum, and clubs that teach youth about environmental sustainability through science, technology, engineering and math in a fun, hands-on way. There is a fast-growing demand for our services, but we need to raise the money to hire and pay our staff so that we can expand. Please help us by considering to make a donation.
Each contribution is incredibly meaningful. 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

To make a donation go to:

Thank you so much for your consideration.

David Temple

Hills Clothelines Fall4U Program Announced

Breeze Dryer Newsletter – Fall 2011
Welcome to the Fall 2011 edition of our newsletter…it has been a while since we last wrote. It has been a busy season, and we are so happy to welcome the new people we have met and spoken to since our last edition went out! Customer appreciation is what this is all about…

Being so close to Philadelphia, I can’t help but oftentimes think of one of my favorite Philadelphians, Benjamin Franklin, who said “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Was he referring to the laundry? Nah, but he could have been. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all hang together? If wherever you lived, you were able to hang your wash on lines in your backyard and let the natural energy of the sun and breeze dry it? This was a topic that arose many times during the past few months.

Breeze Dryer visited two terrific fests in September…the PA Renewable Energy Festival in Kutztown and the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA. Both were incredibly informative; we met so many terrific people, all interested in speaking about the importance of saving energy. Line-drying is such an easy way to do it, but it doesn’t seem to be an option for some. Hills Rotary Clotheslines, Folding Frames, Extenda Clotheslines, and the Portable Clotheslines are perfect options for saving energy by drying outdoors. The removability of the clotheslines, their small footprint, and the fact that they don’t have to be a permanent feature in the yard, make them a good choice if you live in a neighborhood that would usually frown on clothesline use.

If you live in an apartment or home with a small backyard, Hills makes Drying Racks that are unique in the fact that not only are they durable and built to last, but they fold flat enough to store next to the washer, in a closet, or travel with you in a motorhome to use when and where you need…the options are endless. You may be able to get one for less at a big retailer, but most likely they’re not going to last more than a year or two, and they won’t be strong enough to hold jeans, sweaters, towels, etc. Not so for our racks. The drying racks have become so popular, that we now offer a 2-pack of some styles, the Expanding Indoor Clothesline, the 3-Tier Rack, and the Indoor Clothesline. Also, check out our Portable 120, the smaller version of our Portable Clothesline, which is on sale in the 2-pack option. This is the perfect option for those who want to do indoor drying some of the time and then outdoor drying the rest. The legs fold up and under the unit and it can be stored flat, hanging on the back of a door (door hanger included).

So glad that you’re still reading, because we’re about to let you in on something good… we’ve had such positive feedback about the Hills Clotheslines and Drying Racks and we’re so grateful to those of you who’ve helped us establish the Hills name here in the US, that we’re happy to offer our first “Customer Appreciation Sale” during the month of October 2011 *. Use the coupon code for the sale, receive 10% off your order, including sale merchandise. It is a “thank you” to all of you who value the Hills products and are past customers. Maybe you’ve bought a Rotary and have been waiting to buy a Drying Rack…now’s the time! Buy one Drying Rack for a friend and one for your college student for the holidays. Maybe you visited us at one of the shows and thought it just might not be the right time to buy. Think again… there are some terrific ways to save! *(We are sorry, but the savings can only be applied to new orders and cannot be applied to previous purchases. Offer ends October 31, 2011.)

Hope you enjoy the beautiful days of Fall!

3-Tier holding up the towels

Though not a clothesline designed to be permanently outdoors, the3-Tier Drying Rack is perfect on the deck on a beautiful day. Shown holding a family’s collection of wet beach towels and more.

Fall Into Savings this October
Use the coupon code “Fall4U” at to receive 10% off orders during the month of October 2011. Sorry, this offer is only valid on new orders and cannot be applied to orders placed previously.