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We Have Spools For American Gardener Trimmer

Yes, People Powered Machines has spools for the American Gardener Trimmer, the Weed Eater, and the WLT 24 Line Trimmer/Edger. The spools are made by Original Power. Also called WRS24 Replacement Spool & Cutting Line. The American Gardener Trimmer is a high powered trimmer which operates from a battery.

Call 978 884 8156 to place your order for the Replacement Spool. Or go to to place your order. Orders will ship within 24 hours of order placement.

Aztec Walkover Rambler Sprayer’s Additonal Feature

The Aztec Walkover Rambler Sprayer: Our excellent sprayer made by Aztec has a new feature. Normally, the Rambler sprayer comes with the regular two nozzle spray system. But now you can get the Optional Spray Boom. The Rambler Spray Boom is an optional attachment that can be purchased separately. The Walkover part number is W2060.

Walkover Rambler Sprayer - now with 1.5 meter optional boom

Optional Spray Boom: When attached to the sprayer ( a simple changeover, taking the short spray bar off the Walkover Rambler Sprayer & connecting the longer one ) it increases the width of the spray path from 2 to 4 nozzles and sprays in excess of 1.5 metres wide, compared to 90cms on the standard spraybar.

Walkover Sprayers: What we love about the Walkover Sprayers is the exceptionally high quality with which they are made. All parts can be replaced which means your machine will last a very long time. The wheel powers the pump making this a truly people powered machine.

A Smart Cart

The Smart Cart: The Smart Cart is a very versatile and useful people powered machine. It comes in two sizes and many colors and offers four wheel options. The Smart Cart may be used to haul farm supplies, wood, gardening materials, trash, stones, plants and trees. Nearly everyday I use my Smart Cart.

Pans are waterproof and durable.

Smart Cart hauls up to 600 pound EASILY. Frontwards or backwards. Perfectly balanced design.

Two Sizes and multiple wheels: The Smart Cart comes in two sizes, a 7’cubic and a 12’cubic tubs. You can move your cart with flat-free tires or regular tires. Tires come in 20″ spoke or 16″ turf tires.

Smart Cart Warranty: The Smart Cart comes with a five year warranty. Smart Carts are used by Disney World among many others.

Useful Garden Products for Your Fall 2011

It’s time: With summer officially over it’s time to start thinking about the lawn and garden tools that you’ll be needing for the fall. On our website we have a variety of products that will make your life a lot less hectic when the leaves start falling and the kids are heading back to school! Two of our favorite fall tools are the push sweeper and the folding carts.

Push Lawn Sweeper: Hate raking leaves? Then the push lawn sweeper is for you. This sweeper picks up leaves ten times faster than normal raking and puts zero strain on the back. Not only will it rid your lawn of leaves quickly but the sweeper folds away, making it easy to store. The push lawn sweeper has been newly designed for 2010.

Push Lawn Sweeper

Push Lawn Sweeper

LG Bagz-It Folding Cart: This multi-purpose folding cart is perfect for any outdoor tasks year round but especially for fall season raking! The folding cart is perfect for transporting heavy loads and comes in 3 different sizes (residential, commercial, and mini). Each size can be used with or without a leaf bag and is made from tear resistant material.

LG Bagz-It Folding Cart

LG Bagz-It Folding Cart

Grass Stitcher Testimonials

We recently received these three testimonials for the Grass Stitcher. The Grass Stitcher is an excellent tool for reseeding lawns or for planting grass.

“Yes, I bought one, and it works fantastically. I’m very
pleased with the purchase! It’s made very well and
would probably last you a lifetime!”

“This product worked as described. Results were
better than expected.”

“I have back and elbow problems, but the design of
the single Grass Stitcher seemed to be made with me
in mind. It was very comfortable to use. I felt no strain”

American Gardiner YS24 Weed and Grass Trimmer

YS24 Weed and Grass Trimmer: Many folks contact us on how to get parts and batteries for their YS24 American Gardiner Yardstick Trimmers. People Powered Machines has plenty of spools in stock and is shipping.

Parts and Batteries: A way to get parts and batteries for the Yardstick 24v trimmer is to go to:

You’ll be able to get the parts you want when you go here.

One Recharge Electric Riding Mower Left In Stock

The very popular Recharge Electric Riding Mower: We have one mower left in stock. This popular electric riding mower will mow a lawn of 3 acres on a single charge. Order soon to acquire this machine.

Riding Recharge Mower

Improvements: This year improvements were made to make the Recharge Electric Riding mower even better. Order soon to have your Recharge Electric Riding mower.