The Year Of The Sno Wolf

This is the year of the Sno Wolf: The new, improved Sno Wolf is ready. Be prepared for the snow storms, get yourself a Sno Wolf. A great investment while saving yourself back pain.

Clears away snow 3x FASTER than a snow shovel and is an economical, eco-friendly alternative to snow plows.

The Improved

Clears away snow 3x FASTER than a snow shovel and is an economical, eco-friendly alternative to snow plows.

: This year’s new and improved Sno Wolf is lighter, easier to assemble, yet retains all the features of the previous Snow Wovel.


Vegware visits North Shore Community College Sustainability Event

On Saturday, Vegware joined Zumi’s coffee and shared a booth at the Sustainability Event sponsored by North Shore Community college. The event ran from 10am to 2pm. Vegware’s full line of compostable products were on display.

Vegware’s packaing made from plants is completely compostable.Vegware makes tableware, napkins, hot and cold drink cups and takeaway packaging.The four big benefits of using Vegware are: 1 Low carbon – clean manufacture. 2. Low impact – we use renewable and recycled materials. 3. Low waste – our products turn back to soil. 4. Low competitive costs.

New Cutlery at Vegware US

New Cutlery: Here at Vegware US we have been slowly replacing all of our biodegradable products with superior compostable ones. We believe in what we do and because of that we feel we must do it to the best of our ability. Supplying our customers with the best and most advanced products technology has to offer. We do this by creating products with a full life cycle that is both traceable and renewable from start to finish. That is why we are introducing our new compostable CPLA Cutlery as a replacement for our previous biodegradable PSM.

New Compostable CPLA Cutlery: These products have very different chemical properties but carry near identical physical properties as our previous line but with added rigidity and usability. This new fully compostable line of cutlery pushes the boundaries of “green” products even further and brings you the best in what’s available today.

Haaga Sweepers Catching On

Our Haaga Sweepers are catching on: We love the Haaga sweepers especially the newest line. Unlike other sweeping devices Haaga relies on their patented disc brush technology. Here two specially made, opposing circular brushes cut under the waste material and whisk it directly into the waste container. Here, the coarse or fine debris is not “run over” or pushed around in front of the sweeper. Even wet leaves are neatly collected.

Twice the sweeping capacity with Haaga’s Turbo sweeping system: In addition to the disc brush system, our 400 and 600 series machines have an additional fine-particle roller brush that is mounted behind the disc system. This allows these machines to effectively sweep twice with one pass. Even the most fine debris is collected.

Haaga makes small to large sweepers. And Haaga makes manual and electric sweepers. Find the Haaga for you.

Great Video of Folding Utility Wagon

Attached is a great video of our new product – the Folding Utility Wagon. The video says it all. If you have any questions please call 978 884 8156. Enjoy!

Folding Utility Wagon Coming to People Powered Machines

Folding Utility Wagon: People Powered Machines is pleased to announce its new product line – the Folding Utility Wagon. This is a wonderful people powered machine aimed at transporting young children and the gear for your event. Whether you are going shopping, tailgating, to the park, to a cookout, camping or outdoor party, the Folding Wagon is for you. The wagon can carry up to 150 pounds and has a canopy which can be used to protect children from the sun or to keep food cool.

Quickly Folds: The Folding Utility Wagon quickly folds up so you can store in the trunk of a car or in a closet. The canopy is supported by telescoping tubes which can collapse into the wagon when not using the canopy. A rear compartment comes with the wagon for extra storage.

Picnic Time: a great Alternative to Plastic Plates, Forks, Knives…


OK, picnic time is here! And we are sure our customers would never want to  fill up landfills with disposable plastic plates! So we have found a solution… help protect the environment by using Vegware, which is biodegradable and ranges from cutlery to take out boxes.  Instead of that nasty bpa plastic lining, Vegware items use eco-friendly corn starch so they can be composted after use.

vegware : alternative to plastic plates, forks, knives, spoons, etc..

The four big benefits of Vegware

  1. Low carbon – real, quantifiable reductions
  2. Low impact – we only use renewable or recycled materials
  3. Low waste – recycling means we think resource, not waste
  4. Low cost – we make sustainable packaging economic

Check out this video to learn more about Vegware and their new compostable lid!