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Rolypigs Popular In Elementary Schools!

The Rolypig: The cute, adorable, efficient Rolypig Composter continues to be popular with Elementary Schools. Often the Rolypig serves to generate curriculum in the schools Science program.

New and Improved Rolypig!

Best Practices: When feeding your food waste to the Rolypig it is best to feed small items – about the size of a golf ball would be perfect. This makes the food waste move smoothly through the Rolypig and the composting process. But when the compost comes out the back end and is not fully matured, no problem, just feed it into the Rolypig for another run.

Timing: It takes about 10 weeks for your Rolypig to produce compost.


Greenfox Newsletter

Welcome to the February issue of the Greenfox Newsletter. In this edition, learn about some of the exciting projects underway in the Greenfox clubs and classes.  From field trips to science experiments, students of all ages are engaging with the environment and sustainability efforts in new and inspiring ways.  Read on to learn more!

On February 9, Prospect Hill Academy’s Greenfox5 Club took a trip to local favorite Taza Chocolate to see a sustainable business in action. Nineteen students toured the Somerville factory, learning about all the ways that Taza strives to be green throughout the chocolate-making process. We saw bags and bags of organic cacao beans that Taza sources from Latin America or the Caribbean (rather than from Africa or Indonesia) to keep their food miles down. We also heard about some of the green ways that Taza handles their waste products, such as their donation of cacao shells to local partner Groundwork Somerville to be used as mulch. While sampling lots of chocolate, we found out what a winnowing machine was and got to see Taza’s very own, repurposed from a chocolate factory in the Dominican Republic.
Renewable Energy in Action
Students in the Greenfox5 After School Programs across the Cambridge Public School District have been focusing on energy this month.  Through hands-on, experiential projects, students explored various renewable energy sources.  They built pinwheels to test wind power, looked at the many ways that the sun provides us with energy, and calculated their own carbon footprints.

Through these and other activities, students began to understand renewable and non-renewable energy sources, and the impact their actions have on the environment.  Applying what they learned, students discovered ways that these energy sources could be used in and around their schools.  The activities aimed to broaden students’ understanding of energy and inspire environmental leadership through creative, fun, and hands-on learning.

Here at Greenfox, we are continuing to work hard to reach students and cultivate in them a connection with and respect for the natural world.  We strive to develop future leaders who see the interconnectedness of our daily actions and their impact on the environment. In addition to classes and clubs, Greenfox offers workshops and presentations for students and faculty at schools and other educational or environmental organizations.  If you or your school are interested in the workshops or presentations we offer, please visit our website or contact us for more information.
We hope you enjoyed reading our newsletter. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and please visit our website to see how you can get involved. As always, thank you for your continuing support!

All the best,


Greenfox Newsletter – Educating Students, Teachers, Administrators

Greenfox: I sit on the board of Greenfox Schools an organization which educates students, teachers, and administrators on sustainability. Based on the Greenfox 5: Products, Food, Energy, Waste, and Greenspace. We hope you’ll read the newsletter as we spread the word on the Greenfox 5.

Newsletter: Every few months Greenfox publishes its Newsletter. The Newsletter details programs currently running and updates you on what is happening with Greenfox. Here is the latest. Spread the word!