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Rolypigs Popular In Elementary Schools!

The Rolypig: The cute, adorable, efficient Rolypig Composter continues to be popular with Elementary Schools. Often the Rolypig serves to generate curriculum in the schools Science program.

New and Improved Rolypig!

Best Practices: When feeding your food waste to the Rolypig it is best to feed small items – about the size of a golf ball would be perfect. This makes the food waste move smoothly through the Rolypig and the composting process. But when the compost comes out the back end and is not fully matured, no problem, just feed it into the Rolypig for another run.

Timing: It takes about 10 weeks for your Rolypig to produce compost.

A Vertical Restaurant Business?

As we get close to selling industrial composters an interesting thought came to mind. Wouldn’t it be something to go to a restaurant where you ate a great meal. The food scraps from the meals and the food waste from the preparation went into a compost maker on the roof. The compost produced was used to grow vegetables and fruit at the roof top garden. Later these fruits and vegetables will be used in the cooking of the meals.

I’m sure to some this sounds a bit out there. And I’m sure to others it makes complete sense. And I’m pretty sure this is being done in some form in some locations. But this could be a common practice soon.

What a great idea for congested cities with no more garbage collection for all the restaurants. Think of the savings on fuel and the benefits to the environment. Think of the benefit of local produce, both for the grower and the customer.