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Brill and NaturCut Parts

Increase in Parts Orders: One thing we have noticed this year is the greater need for parts for Brill and NaturCut mowers. I’m not sure if it is related to the economy but many more requests for parts are coming in. It could be that folks have had their machines for such a long time that replacement parts are needed. Or it could be that people are in the fix-up mode rather than purchasing a new machine.

Diagram parts list RazorCut Premium 38-78371

Brill Parts: Above is a parts diagram for the Brill Razorcut 38. All the parts have numbers which we need to fulfill your order. We have parts for the Luxus 38, Luxus 33, Razorcut 38, and Razorcut 33. We can also rebuild Accu Batteries so that they are stronger than when new.


New Models Out : Brill Razor Cut replace Brill Luxus Mowers

2008 marked the year in which Brill converted from the Luxus reel mowers to the new Razorcut reel mowers. Brill makes three versions of the Razorcut; The¬† Razorcut Accu, The Razorcut 38, and The Razorcut 33. The Accu is the electric battery version. The Razorcut 38 is the 38 cm blade reel mower and the Razorcut 33 is the 33 cm blade reel mower. Judging from our customers satisfaction and our sales, Brill’s move was a resounding success.

The new model has a dramatically improved handle and improved cosmetics. Brill did away with the hour glass handle in favor of an aluminum stem set up between the bottom section and where you grip the handle. The handle folds for storage or transport.

The Razorcut continues to offer the silent cut in which the blades miss the cutting bar by .05mm. When the mower needs adjustment, you use a feeler gauge and 10mm wrench to adjust the blades. I adjust my mower each spring.

To maintain your mower and keep it running well for many years, we recommend spraying the blades with a silicone spray before each use. Spray the reel blades and when you are done, wipe the blades clean. This simple 5 minute chore will keep your reel mowers humming.

The reel mowers have an easy to use blade height adjustment. The range is .08″ to 1.8″. The Razorcut offers the option of adding a Grass Catcher. Specific catchers are made for each Brill model.