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Sno Wovel to Sno Wolf

The Sno Wovel has some changes for the upcoming season: First of all it will be called the Sno Wolf. It has been rebranded as the Snow Wolf replacing the Sno Wovel name. It will be important to mention the Sno Wovel in the copy to capture any referrals searching by product name. All the accessories work with either the Sno Wovel or the Snow Wolf.

Handle Change: For the Sno Wolf we have changed from a two piece handle bar to a T shape one piece handle bar. The T shape handle bar gives a more secure attachment to the frame making the handle bar stronger. It also eliminates a couple of assembly steps making it easier for customers to put it together

Tire Change: For this year’s Sno Wolf we have made the pnuematic tire about 1 inch longer to make it easier to attach the tire to the wheel, especially in cold temperatures.

Time to Order: It is never to early to order. In each of the last 4 seasons the Sno Wovel, now the Sno Wolf, has sold out. Sometimes it has sold out in early January with sales doubling from the previous year.