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Quality Putting Green Reel Mower for 1/5th the Price

Hudson Star Classic Greensmower

In the 14 years we have been in business, we regularly receive requests for the best home putting green reel mower. After looking at the few that are in the reasonable to low end of the market, we have finally bit the bullet and added greens-type reel mowers to our line. The Hudson Star Mower we added is the higher end manual push version, the Hudson Classic Cut. This is a really high quality machine, 11 blades, designed for longevity and ease of use. Others we looked at had hard to change mowing heights, were heavier, or felt cheap. Compared to other greens mowers that can cost $10,000 or more, this putting green reel mower is very affordable. Remember, standard home reel mowers do not cut low enough, and do not have enough blades to cut finely enough for a putting green.

The Classic-Cut Series:
The classic cut reel mower is designed to allow home greens owners to experience the same professional golf course quality greens care enjoyed by professionals. Due to its unique design and exacting manufactured standards, the Classic Cut Mower is used by golf course professionals to help solve those “difficult” mowing problems such as soft, sensitive, or newly seeded greens, inaccessible tees, restricted or hard to cut fringes, noise sensitive areas, or simply to obtain that “final touch” “manicured” look.

Look at all those Blades!

Look at all those Blades!


  • 11 Blade Computer Balanced Reel.
  • 16″ Cut Width.
  • 3-4 Cuts Per Inch (minimum).
  • 1/8″ to 3/4″ Infinite Cut Height Adjustment.

The Classic Cut Mower is lightweight, rugged, quiet, easily adjustable and maintenance free. It is the perfect tool for the time sensitive enthusiast who just wants to relax and spend their time improving their game.


Quick stats on the Hudson Star Greensmowers

Two Models: The Classic Cut weighs 82 lbs. The Signature weighs 103 lbs.

Cutting Range: The cutting range for both units is 1/8″ to 3/4″. This allows for not only close golf course quality cuts, but allows trimming of fringe areas and tees as well.

Changing Heights: It is very easy to change cutting heights. The full cutting height range is accessed by simply turning a single hand knob. There are no bolts or nuts to loosen or tighten. There is no adjustment from side to side.

Reel Blades: Both units are manufactured with an 11 blade reel. The reel is balanced and backlapped at the factory and gives approximately 4 cuts per inch.

Easy to Push: Properly maintained, the Classic Cut is easy to push and can be used by women and even fairly young children. Conditions such as dull blades or excessively wet or tall grass will increase the force necessary and will effect the quality of cut.

Sharpening: Normally very infrequent sharpening is required. Conditions such as frequency of mowing cycles, condition of top soil, and frequency of top dressing can affect the condition of the blade. Both units come with a backlapping kit allowing the user to sharpen the cutting blades easily.

Catch Clippings: Yes the mowers catch clippings! Clippings are collected in our unique molded catch can. The can “clips” on the front of the mower allowing quick and easy dumping and reattachment.

Moving But Not Mowing: Both mowers are manufactured with a unique multi-position handle assembly which allows the unit to be transformed into a transportation mode. Not only does it protect the cutting area of the mower, but it allows the unit to be used as a “smoothing” roller for the green.

Maintenance: Under normal conditions little maintenance is required. All materials are powder-coated or manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials. All bearings are sealed and the drive-train is enclosed requiring no lubrication.

Shipping: Normal shipping time is within 48 hours.

Manual: The mowers come with a complete and detailed owners manual including identification of all replacement parts

Cleaning: The mowers should be cleaned after mowing. Normally light spraying with a water hose and lightly coating with something similar to WD-40 or a silicone spray is sufficient.

The Signature: The Signature Series is fully powered. Not only is the reel powered, but motion is powered also.

When Fully Charged: The Signature Series, when fully charged, will cut approximately 50-60 minutes before it will need to be recharged depending on the conditions of the green.

Charge Time: It takes 3-4 hours to recharge the unit. The charger will shut off automatically when fully charged.

Assembly: A little assembly is required when the unit is received. Simply bolt the handle in place. The mower is ready for the green.

Mowing Time: Depending on the size and condition of the green, normal mowing time for most “home” greens would be approximately 10-20 minutes.

Hudson Star Signature Hudson Star