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Hills Clothelines Fall4U Program Announced

Breeze Dryer Newsletter – Fall 2011
Welcome to the Fall 2011 edition of our newsletter…it has been a while since we last wrote. It has been a busy season, and we are so happy to welcome the new people we have met and spoken to since our last edition went out! Customer appreciation is what this is all about…

Being so close to Philadelphia, I can’t help but oftentimes think of one of my favorite Philadelphians, Benjamin Franklin, who said “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Was he referring to the laundry? Nah, but he could have been. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all hang together? If wherever you lived, you were able to hang your wash on lines in your backyard and let the natural energy of the sun and breeze dry it? This was a topic that arose many times during the past few months.

Breeze Dryer visited two terrific fests in September…the PA Renewable Energy Festival in Kutztown and the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA. Both were incredibly informative; we met so many terrific people, all interested in speaking about the importance of saving energy. Line-drying is such an easy way to do it, but it doesn’t seem to be an option for some. Hills Rotary Clotheslines, Folding Frames, Extenda Clotheslines, and the Portable Clotheslines are perfect options for saving energy by drying outdoors. The removability of the clotheslines, their small footprint, and the fact that they don’t have to be a permanent feature in the yard, make them a good choice if you live in a neighborhood that would usually frown on clothesline use.

If you live in an apartment or home with a small backyard, Hills makes Drying Racks that are unique in the fact that not only are they durable and built to last, but they fold flat enough to store next to the washer, in a closet, or travel with you in a motorhome to use when and where you need…the options are endless. You may be able to get one for less at a big retailer, but most likely they’re not going to last more than a year or two, and they won’t be strong enough to hold jeans, sweaters, towels, etc. Not so for our racks. The drying racks have become so popular, that we now offer a 2-pack of some styles, the Expanding Indoor Clothesline, the 3-Tier Rack, and the Indoor Clothesline. Also, check out our Portable 120, the smaller version of our Portable Clothesline, which is on sale in the 2-pack option. This is the perfect option for those who want to do indoor drying some of the time and then outdoor drying the rest. The legs fold up and under the unit and it can be stored flat, hanging on the back of a door (door hanger included).

So glad that you’re still reading, because we’re about to let you in on something good… we’ve had such positive feedback about the Hills Clotheslines and Drying Racks and we’re so grateful to those of you who’ve helped us establish the Hills name here in the US, that we’re happy to offer our first “Customer Appreciation Sale” during the month of October 2011 *. Use the coupon code for the sale, receive 10% off your order, including sale merchandise. It is a “thank you” to all of you who value the Hills products and are past customers. Maybe you’ve bought a Rotary and have been waiting to buy a Drying Rack…now’s the time! Buy one Drying Rack for a friend and one for your college student for the holidays. Maybe you visited us at one of the shows and thought it just might not be the right time to buy. Think again… there are some terrific ways to save! *(We are sorry, but the savings can only be applied to new orders and cannot be applied to previous purchases. Offer ends October 31, 2011.)

Hope you enjoy the beautiful days of Fall!

3-Tier holding up the towels

Though not a clothesline designed to be permanently outdoors, the3-Tier Drying Rack is perfect on the deck on a beautiful day. Shown holding a family’s collection of wet beach towels and more.

Fall Into Savings this October
Use the coupon code “Fall4U” at peoplepoweredmachines.com to receive 10% off orders during the month of October 2011. Sorry, this offer is only valid on new orders and cannot be applied to orders placed previously.


Dry Your Clothes Green

We came across this article and thought we would share it with  you. Enjoy!

Clothes dryers can save you time, but a 45-minute cycle uses about 3.3 kilowatt-hours of electricity or 17,000 Btu (0.17 therm) of natural gas. With the average U.S. household doing 400 loads of laundry per year, this consumption quickly adds up. Here are a few tips to help lower your energy use, global warming pollution, and utility bills.

Give clothes some fresh air. A clothesline or drying rack uses no fossil fuels, lessens wear and tear on fabrics, and can be employed year-round (clothes actually freeze-dry if left outside in winter).

Dry smart. When you do use the dryer, do the following before you hit “start”:

  • Get the water out. The more you can extract from clothes, the less drying time they’ll need. Most Energy Star-rated washers have high-speed spin cycles (or a second spin cycle option) to maximize water extraction. Or consider an energy-efficient portable spin dryer, which extracts enough water from clothes to reduce drying time by 30 minutes.
  • Check the clock. At times of peak electricity use, utilities tap into the dirtiest energy sources to meet demand. Reduce your laundry’s emissions by running the dryer later at night or in the middle of the day. (This can also save you money if your utility uses peak-time pricing.)
  • Clean the lint trap after every load. In addition to posing a fire hazard, lint buildup obstructs air flow, cutting efficiency up to 30 percent.
  • Separate by weight. Items made from lightweight fabrics (e.g., t-shirts, sheets) dry faster—and use less energy—when separated from heavier items (e.g., towels, jeans).
  • Dry back-to-back loads. The residual heat from the previous cycle gives you a head start on the next cycle, allowing you to use less energy overall.
  • Use the cool-down setting. For the last cycle, let clothes finish drying with residual heat.

Buy smart. Today’s dryers all consume similar amounts of energy, so they are not rated by Energy Star and are not required to bear the yellow EnergyGuide label. But there are ways to save energy and money with your next dryer:

  • Go with gas. Gas dryers heat more quickly, drying clothes faster. They also generate less global warming pollution: 2.60 pounds per cycle versus 5.94 pounds for an electric model (based on the national energy mix, almost half of which is coal). Over a dryer’s 18-year lifetime, that can add up to nearly 30,000 pounds of avoided emissions. Gas dryers cost more up front, but can be cheaper over their lifetime if electricity prices are higher than gas in your area and your home already has a gas line.
  • Choose a moisture-sensing model. Many dryers can shut themselves off when clothes are actually dry (rather than when the timer ends). These models cost more up front, but will save you 10 to 15 percent on operating costs and emissions.

Finally, a High Quality Clothesline that Looks Great

highest quality clothesline

An easy way to lower your footprint:
We finally found a clothes line we like! Looks good enough that our neighbors won’t complain! The Australian manufactured Hills Clotheslines are now being sold by People Powered Machines. These very high quality clotheslines feature many options and sizes.

Better for your clothes, better for the earth:
Be good to your clothes and the earth at the same time. Static electricity and shrinkage are not issues when clothes are hung on a line vs. using a dryer. Clothing hung on a line lasts longer and smells fresher. And all that fuzz that collects in the dryer’s lint basket is actually your clothing breaking down thread by thread.

Highest quality, durable clothesline out there:
Largest hoist available. Specially designed for durability and strength. Main assembly is constructed of powder-coated galv. steel. Lines are sectioned individually for easy replacement. When not in use, can be folded umbrella-style or completely removed from ground socket (included). When raised, the Rotary 500 will spin in the breeze. With arms open and latched, the Rotary 500’s starting height is 5.6ft (3-2in spacers included for added height if desired). Hand crank allows for lines to be raised an additional 16in. The Rotary 500 holds the largest amount of clothes and linens, with a total line length of almost 184ft. (56m). Comes with a 10 year guarantee.