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Sick of buying a new wheelbarrow every few years?

Sick of buying a new wheelbarrow every few years: Check out the Smart Cart wheelbarrow…it might outlast you. The Smart Cart is the perfect wheelbarrow. Its aluminum frame is lightweight yet durable. The heavy duty loading pans or tubs come in 7 cubic feet or the larger 12 cubic feet. Hard to believe such a light cart can carry so much, so easily.

Every day use: We use ours almost every day for taking care of the horse. But also we use the Smart Cart for other daily activities such as gardening, weeding, hauling fire wood, lawn repair, moving compost, bringing recycling to the curb, carting brush, carrying fill, and carting stones of all sizes. The capacity is up to 600 pounds!

Attractive colors: The tubs or loading pans come in black, blue, green, and gray. You can use

Smart Cart hauls up to 600 pound EASILY. Frontwards or backwards. Perfectly balanced design.

both the 7′ tub and the 12′ tub as both fit on the same frame.

Wheel options: You have four wheel options. There is a 20″ spoked wheel and a 16″ turf tire. Both sizes come in a flat-free option.