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Leaf Sweeper: Ten Times Faster than a Rake. Easier on Your Back.

(Or…It is possible to do leaf cleanup without a leaf blower!)
Regular leaf rakes force you to turn and twist your back, but with just one pass this 26 or 31-inch sweeper scoops leaves into the 6 bushel catcher.

largeb369Many of our customers are changing their leaf cleanup method to a push lawn sweeper. Seems like some folks like to rake and some like to sweep. The advantages of raking are you can move more leaves by using the leaf bags. The advantage to sweeping is you don’t have to rake- one of the most back-wrenching activities in the garden. Walking across your lawn just like you mow but with a sweeper is more ergonomic. Planning on where to end up with your full load of leaves in the sweeper is one challenge sweeper users encounter.

The sweeper is also easy on the back, as it picks up leaves ten times faster than a rake!  When the bag is full, just lift it off for easy emptying.

  • Collect leaves without bending over
  • Reduces strain on the back
  • Faster than using a rake
  • Sweeps everything from lawn to driveway

Now the good news is whether raking or sweeping your leaves, you are NOT using a noisy gas-powered leaf blower! Which is a good time for me to rant AGAIN::


  1. They pollute the air.
    A single gas-powered leaf blower can emit as much pollution in a year as 80 cars.
  2. They’re noisy.
    A normal decibel level, considered acceptable in residential areas, is about 60 decibels (60dB). Every increase in decibels means noise that is 10 times louder. Leaf-blowers usually generate about 70-75 dB. According to the U.S. EPA this level of noise actually degrades quality of life by interfering with communication and sleep, leads to reduced accuracy of work and increased levels of aggravation, which can linger hours after exposure. And how is it that every afternoon fall party we have had lately, is the exact time all the neighborhood blowers get fired up! (read my noise rant here)
  3. They worsen allergies and asthma and irritate the lungs.
    Because they operate at such high velocities, leaf blowers stir up the mold, allergens, and dust particles that otherwise have been tamped down with rain and decomposition.
  4. They waste gas.
    Gas. Transportation of the gas. Grrrr. Our easy to use lawn and leaf sweepers offer a petroleum-free alternative.

And lastly, don’t forget to compost all those lovely leaves!