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Double Cutting, North-South cutting, Regular cutting.

What is Double Cutting: Double cutting means pushing your reel lawn mower along a line and then reversing direction and cutting the same path again. This is recommended when the grass is long and thick.

What is North-South, East-West Cutting: This means pushing your reel mower across your lawn in a north south direction. When you are done with your lawn, mow it again pushing your mower in an east west direction. This is also recommended when the lawn is thick or long. This method is often recommended for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns.

Regular Cutting: If you can it is recommended that you mow with your reel mower every four or five days during late-May and June. When not mowing during these periods, mowing once a week is recommended. This would assume you are not double cutting or north-south, east-west cutting.


Easun NaturCut Classic vs. Ideal

The Easun NaturCut Classic HD: The Easun NaturCut Classic HD

Easun NaturCut Classic Push Reel Mower

Naturcut Ideal 40

is a nearly all metal mower. It is powered with 10′ wheels and cuts from 1.5″ to 3.5″. The 10″ wheels add torque to the blades. It has rear wheels which makes the Classic maneuver well in high grass. The Classic has six fixed cutting height settings. The reel blades are 16″ wide.

The Easun NaturCut Ideal 40: The Easun NaturCut Ideal 40 is powered by 10″ wheels and cuts from .6″ to 2.75″. The 10″ wheels add torque to the blades. It has the traditional rear roller bar which helps stripe the grass. The Ideal fully adjusts from .6″ to 2.75″. The reel blades are 16″ wide.

The Difference: So the difference between the two mowers is the height which the mowers cut. And the Classic has the rear wheels, the Ideal has the rear roller. Lastly nearly all of the components on the Classic are metal, and the Classic weighs a few pounds more than the Ideal. For folks who want to cut their grass high, there is the Classic. For folks who want to cut their grass short, there is the Ideal. Both mowers have the option of a Grass Catcher.