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Massive Honeybee Die-offs Linked to Pesticides: A Big Reason to Grow and Buy Organic


Ok, so if you are worried about the incremental cost of purchasing organic produce for Thanksgiving, think about the actual cost of produce grown using chemicals and pesticides…honeybee colony collapse disorder. Even non-organic seeds coated with pesticides are linked to the problem.

Bees wander around in their universe. There are no fences, no borders, no private property rights. They trespass no more than rabbits or deer or birds. That’s a given.  Now take that to your fall and spring lawn care rituals and your personal gardening efforts…just avoid pesticides that could in anyway contribute to any further toxic saturation of the honeybee colonies. You could also plant bee-friendly plants and make your yard a safe-for-bee zone.

Compost is an integral part to moving towards an organic chemical-free healthy lawn and garden. As much as you can make! From newspapers to every scrap of food, to your fall leaves…it is all gold for your garden. We have been composting for 40 years and have all kinds of piles in all states. We also have tested many different types of composters in the 10 years we have been in business and carry just a few different composters that we think are best.

We urge everyone to begin to think of the big picture of the costs of non-organic gardening…from your lawn to your food purchases.

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