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Composting the Food Waste of 18,000 soldiers!

Army Consultant: OnĀ  Monday we spoke with an Army consultant about providing a composting service. The service was for 18,000 soldiers, three meals per day, seven days per week. That is a lot of food waste.

A Rocket Composter

Waste Pulper and Rocket: If used with the Waste Pulper which decreases food waste by 75%, the Rocket can handle this volume of food waste. Our large Rocket can handle 2,775 gallons of food waste per week. After two weeks the Rocket will be making compost each day.

Compost: The Compost needs to be cured for about three weeks after it is produced before being used. This means letting it sit under dry conditions. After three weeks you are in compost!

Food Establishments With Green Ideas, We Have Machines For You

Food Establishments: Great news! We now have machines for your food waste needs. First we have the excellent Rocket composting machine which turns your food waste into usable compost in two weeks. The smallest Rocket machine is for clients who have about 80 gallons of food waste per week. The largest Rocket machine serves a client who produces 925 gallons per week.

Waste Pulper: For those food establishments looking to reduce their food waste by a 10 to 3 ratio, we offer the Waste Pulpler. This would mean if you normally put out 10 bags of food waste, after using the waste pulper, you would only be putting out 3 bags of food waste. The Waste Pulper is also used for those who wish to reduce food waste before putting the food waste into the composting process.

Ecorect: For those Food Establishments who can’t compost but want to reduce food waste the Ecorect reduces food waste by a 10 to 1 ratio. For those presently sending 10 bags of food waste to the waste facility, after using the Ecorect, you would just be sending one bag of food waste. The Ecorect is an excellent machine for single source food waste such as a shrimp processing plant.

The Vegawatt: For those Food Establishments which use 30 or more gallons a week of vegetable oil, the Vegawatt may be for you. You need to be able to store the unit outside on concrete. If you have the outside room, this machine will pay for itself in 3 – 4 years. Running 24/7, it can reduce your electrical bill by 25% and also contributes to your hot water bill. Photo of Vegawatt below.