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Fiskars Momentum – Blade Sharpening Tips

Fiskars Momentum – Blade sharpening:  Regarding sharpening the blades or the the Fiskars Momentum Push Reel Mower. With further investigation & testing, we are now reversing our opinion re: blade “sharpening”, saying “Fiskars does not recommend sharpening the Momentum™ reel mower. The equipment and processes used in home sharpening kits, and even by many professional sharpeners, will likely not be able to achieve the strict tolerances required to maintain the non-contact nature of the cutting system. In the unlikely event that the blades on a heavily used Momentum™ manual reel mower begin to show signs of dulling, Fiskars recommends backlapping to restore the blade edges.”  To “backlap” the Momentum™ reel mower, an abrasive lapping compound is applied to the blades with a brush and the reel is spun backwards via a special hand crank until the blades are smooth and sharpness is restored. While existing backlapping kits for reel mowers can be modified to work with Momentum™ push reel lawn mower, Fiskars is developing a custom kit that will be available in late 2011 or early 2012. The Fiskars kit will include a hand crank designed specifically for the Momentum™ mower, a lapping compound ideally suited for the Momentum™ mower’s blades, an application brush and clear, easily followed instructions.

Fiskar Momentum Reel Mower

Length of Time Before Sharpening: How long should the mower go before blades need to be sharpened on the Fiskars Momentum reel mower?  They can go years,  do to the non-contact blade system? Under normal usage the blades should remain sharp for the life of the mower.

How to Compare Reel Mowers

New Reel Mowers: As the years have gone by the reel mower market has grown. In just the last year two very fine mowers have been added. The Fiskars Momentum and the NaturCut reel mowers are the new mowers.

Exceptional Reel Mowers: The Fiskars and NaturCut join the Brill and Silent Cut as our top reel mowers made today. The Silent Cut mowers come in four variations and are excellent at mowing Bermuda and Zoysia lawns. Brill, the best selling European mower, works well for small lawns which are not St. Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia.

Electric Reel Mowers: Cel Power makes the Cel PowerMow which is an electric reel mower. It is powered with a battery and can be used manually as well. Battery run time is between 45 minutes and an hour depending on density of the lawn.

To Compare: We offer a Comparison Chart for your use. It will tell you the number of blades, prices, warranty and lots of other important information.


Reel Mower Sharpening: A Summary of Methods by Brand

Sharpening varies by Reel Mower Brand

Spring is here, and if you have a reel mower, it is time to figure out if your type has blades that need sharpening AND the frequency of sharpening. We are often asked this question, and this month in particular, so  we figure there must be a lot of confusion out there we can clear up.

When Do Your Reel Blades Need Sharpening?
You can tell when your reel mower needs to be sharpened when much of the grass passes by the reel and is left uncut, and the mower becomes harder to push. First, not all reels need annual sharpening! Read on…

Contact-free mowers like the Brill, Easuns, and Sunlawns do not require sharpening. Instead,they just need a year 5 minute task of  adjusting the gap distance between the reel and the bed knife. This is very easy  and performed as frequently as needed. We have instructions for that here, and if you lost your little metal gap adjuster you can buy one here.

Contact mowers like the Scotts, American, Great States and most others require sharpening on the average of every 1-2 years and spring is the best time to do this. You can purchase a do-it-yourself sharpening kit and sharpen your own reel mower or send it in to the shop.

Below we have listed the reel mowers we carry and their particular sharpening situation.

Item                               Suggested sharpening       Sharpening Kit

Brill Reel Mowers ..                           5-8 years             Will offer kit this summer

Easun Naturcut Reel Mowers ..       7-10 years           Will offer kit this summer

Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower ..  Long Lasting     No kit at this time

Great States Reel Mowers ..             Every year           Kit available on our site

Scotts Classic Reel Mower ..             Every year             Kit available on our site

Easun Silent Cut Mowers ..            Every 2 years                Kit available on our site

sharpening kit for scotts, great states, and american reel mowers