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Testimonial – Snow Scoop by Snowmaster

Testimonial for the Snow Scoop by Snowmaster: Hello, I just wanted to comment on the quality of your Snowmaster Snow Scoop. I have used this product for several years in my job. When it snows I have to shovel several sidewalks and steps to get children safely to school. The Snow Scoop has really helped me to do this in a fast and less tiring way. Thank you!

Snow Scoop in action


Sno Wovel Easily Clears 14″ Snowfall. And more Importantly, Saves my Back!


Snowovel Resting in my front yard.

The Sno Wovel passed yet another test this weekend. Those living in the northeast got slammed with 14″ of beautiful snow. The forecast was for 4″ to 8″ so we were very surprised by the total amount we received from this snow storm.

The test the Sno Wovel, a snow removal tool, was challenged by was how high could snow be put or thrown. We already had nearly a foot of snow on the ground from previous storms and it was piled high by the Wovel. Because the forecast was for 4″ to 8″, when the snow began piling up I went out and began Woveling. It was quite fun, 30 minutes to clear my driveway.

Later that Sunday, I saw the snow piling up again and went out and cleared the driveway for what I thought was the last time. I noticed that when I went to throw the snow, there was less and less room for it to go. It was getting close to 4′ high in many spots. Shortly after the snow stopped.

When I woke up Monday morning, we had 8″ more of snow on the driveway. I got dressed and began Woveling. Now I had a challenge in many places where previously I had piled the snow. When I approached a high mound I pushed the Sno-Wovel into it and lifted. The snow went up and came back down, some of it on the driveway. Slowly I learned how to get the snow up and back using the snow removal tool. Sometimes I had to make two attempts. But all in all, the Sno Wovel worked great.




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